About Guilty Pressure

We let you embrace your air squeezing preferences as a privilege to the utmost.

Not solely did the love for balloons and inflatables create the ultimate drive behind setting up this website and project. It’s more than that. We work on it as a project that was created and led by David (Alias Gray) since October 2017. Meet our project team of freelancers / entrepreneurs: the IT-professional (a very skilled one!), the models, AV-professionals and (data) security experts. This unique blend of people and their efforts resulted in a smooth e-shop experience with unique content.

We aim to make the overall experience more special based of our out of the box concepts we’re working on. An example is the super strong and soft XXL inflatable pillow. Our mission is beyond just selling videos to those who love balloons and inflatables being pressurized. Have you ever thought about our project name? If you think about it, it may become clear that we frame this passion for inflatables and balloons as a privilege. It is a special and exclusive experience after all – only available to those who share this very same passion.

The broader context of this project is that the project owner would like to share his passion and experience as an e-entrepreneur. Gray gains experience in this project and translates it to training and coaching contexts (including tests) for those who have similar e-commerce ambitions.