Evelyn shoot 2.0 & More

First things first: thank you for all your continued loyal support!

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for all of you visiting guiltypressure.com regularly and still filling out (and submitting) the survey from 23rd June’s blog ! With each submitted survey I get notified by e-mail and I want you all to know that I appreciate it every single time🙌.

In this blog:

🎈A summary of the second shoot with Evelyn together with some early preview screenshots selected from the raw footage;

🎈Smaller Guilty Pressure Pillows;

🎈Model recruitment update;

🎈Site development update

Second shoot with Evelyn

Many of you wanted to see more content starring Evelyn, and I SO get that! guiltypressure.com’s visitors, fans, followers and customers pointed out through the survey that they wanted to see video content with Evelyn (AND Sheena also!) playing with some giant-sized inflatables. ”Giant” as in the Giant Duck, FyaRyuu Dragon and of course the 5m giant Blue Whale from inflatableworld.de. Based on the submitted survey response data, I planned a new shoot with Evelyn as soon as I had the chance.

Evelyn’s got a beautiful lush garden where her pet turkeys (Terrie & Herrie) and other small pet chickens effortlessly roam around. It was amazing to do this shoot with her there, since the relaxing vibe of the lush garden and her 200 year old house really seemed to add something ‘enchanting’ to the atmosphere captured in the videos. Scroll down for the screenshots that I selected from the raw video material. Side note: the animals in her garden were not at all scared or stressed out by our inflatables and/or our activities.😊

Evelyn in her catsuit posing in the sun in front of the big 5m IW.de whale!
Evelyn chillin’ on her new big friend (btw, don’t you agree that catsuit fits her just perfectly?!)
Releasing some serious pressure!
Signing, riding, unplugging (with her feet) & deflating the inflatable whale’s big tail. This girl knows how to do a classic deflation job.

As you can see we filmed outdoors mainly, since the big IW.de-whale is a whopping 5 meters in length (some of you may be familiar with this insanely big and soft inflatable!) and won’t easily fit in most indoor spaces. Same goes for the duck & dragon!👇

A little encouraging kiss on his beak from a lovely ‘innocent’ girl before bouncing hard on him…

This fat duck will never forget the day that Evelyn rides relentlessly hard on his back.

Evelyn and I both loved the new outfits that we specially selected for making this new video content. The bathing suit and catsuit look so good on her!

Evelyn in her pink crop top and yoga shorts riding the big FyaRyuu dragon from inflatableworld.de!
This big 51 inch beach ball is so soft that it stretches with every bounce!!! (nice to see that Terrie & Herrie just minding their own business in the background)
A unique sprinkler beach ball (40 inch or so) that was not as soft as the 51 inch one receives some serious punishment. The blonde girl knows exactly how to ride and pop this beachball.
This is our ‘protopillow’ as it’s an early prototype of the Guilty Pressure Pillow. Amazing pillow ride & pop, Evelyn!

We moved the remaining medium sized inflatable(s) inside and continued our shoot in her beautiful living room. Again, great atmosphere.

Blonde babe in lycra-ish catsuit rides her inflatable black horse; got to love those curves, tho👀
This big underinflated Rifco blimp loves Evelyn just as she loves him. Her first time with such a big balloon by the way (you can definitely tell she’s still exploring!).

It took us much time to inflate and deflate all the giant-sized inflatables, that we had not much time left at the end of the day. The unfortunate result is that there was just not enough time to make more videos with things like the IW.de rings, the unicorn sprinkler inflatable, small beach balls, yoga balls and balloons. We discussed the idea of capturing footage for those videos later this year, but nothing has been definitely scheduled yet!🤔

New smaller Guilty Pressure Pillow

As you may have noticed in earlier productions, the inflatable pillows that we have been using for different shoots are kind of…’big’. And that is exactly how we like them of course! But some loyal customers and other people who love the pillow concept like them smaller, which I do understand very well.

I started with a smaller pillow some time ago on August 22nd it was finished. Check the preview photos of it below. If it won’t be purchased by anyone, I’m considering to use it for an riding/overinflate-to-pop video…😈

Finding new models

The survey data suggest that many of our visitors, fans, followers and customers’d like to see new models. After being two years on this project I now can conclude that the model recruitment process takes a lot of time and effort. First, many models/girls are kind of reluctant when it comes down to modelling for a balloon fetish site like guiltypressure.com. Second, I’d love to have girls on board that kind of have that looner ‘X-factor’.

I am dedicated to add at least two more girls to the Guilty Pressure team in 2020 (rather before 2020 actually!). But no promises, though.

The website’s developmental updates

✌We’re migrating the host soon, so the website will be offline for about 24hrs; an announcement will follow on the homepage! Stay in touch via mail, whatsapp, vk.com or YouTube!

✌Currently hardening the security of the backend of the website;

✌Payment for any product or digital good should be a lot smoother than the current checkout funnel, still testing with Klarna’s PSP possibilities;

That is all for now, everyone! Hope you enjoy this blog and again, thank you for reading and all your support😃

Gray V.


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