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Previous blog post (published on June 23, 2019) was a very special one. Refresher: We added a short survey to this blog that could be completed and submitted anonymously. The whole point of this survey was to pro-actively give our loyal visitor’s / customer’s the opportunity to share their wishes and preferences for new video content with us.

If we would reach 15 or more filled in & submitted survey responses, we would reward all of you for your loyal support with a free full video with Evelyn from last year’s shoot!

As we said before, we aimed for about 15 respondents — but we received A LOT more…

and now…

….we’ve got some awesome news for you!:-)

Because…we were so pleasantly surprised after seeing that so much more than 15 visitors and customers were so kind to share their preferences for new video content and submitted their answers to us. At the time of writing we received 69 survey responses.

We would like to thank you all so much for your loyal support. We now have very useful input for what kind of content we can work on delivering! And of course, now it’s time to give you all the free promo gift that I promised! I personally wish you a lot of fun watching this exclusive free full video starring Evelyn riding her small Intex whale in her purple exercise leggings and destroying him with her high heels!

(Oh and before I forget to mention it… the whale from this video can be purchased by clicking here)

I hope you enjoyed the video everyone and I wish you all the best!

Gray V.

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