🎬 120 cm CanDo and Physioball exercise ball bounce by Ev (GPPFCL051.16JUL2020-.mp4)

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She just can’t choose between the two of them. Both are big, orange and bouncy exercise balls ready to be bounced on forever! So, it actually is a difficult choice. Evelyn in her sexy spandex legging starts off with the big 120 cm orange Physioball and bounces around on it happily. She then moves on to the smaller orange CanDo ball that appears to be a lot softer and bouncier. Never before did she have such a soft bouncy exercise ball underneath her for a workout. Still not sure which is better, she decides to climb on top of the bigger, sturdier physioball and gives him a bounce again! But she ten proves to be more loyal to her softer CanDo ball and ends the video by bouncing hard on that one. Ev made her choice… make sure to get this video if you want to find out why she’s more attracted to the smaller, softer CanDo exercise ball.

Full Video Reference Code: GPPFCL051.16JUL2020
Model: Evelyn
Play time: 10:35
File: .mp4 (HD)
File-size: 1 GB
€9.99 Incl. VAT