🎬 Nervously sitting on a big clear blimp balloon (GPPFCL029.15AUG2019-.mp4)

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Never having bounced on a big balloon before, Evelyn is a little nervous around this big clear Rifco blimp / airship balloon. Wearing a sexy spandex skintight kind of catsuit, she climbs on top of the underinflated clear latex biggie. She carefully rides him, acting a bit nervous since she did not wanted to unexpectedly popping it. After a while I released the balloon clip and Evelyn seductively deflates her new transparent latex friend.

Full Video Reference Code: GPPFCL029.15AUG2019
Model: Evelyn
Play time: 6:50
File: .mp4 (HD)
File-size: 663 MB
€ 7,99 incl. VAT