🎬 Pink SHOSU SPH ball and colorful rubberized 51 inch beach ball bounce (GPPFCL076.P6.2.11NOV2021-mp4)

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Brianna and Evelyn are at it again. Remember part 1 of this video? Well, they still feel a bit nervous and stressed out so they decide to go for some other poor beach balls to bounce hard on. Brianna goes for a classic IW beach ball and takes it for a nice hot beach ball ride. The ball has been slightly rubberized so is a bit more stretchy than she is used to. Evelyn takes the big pink clear SPH ball from SHOSU and bounces a bit while having her bare feet placed on the couch. Evelyn also wants to bounce on the stretchy 51 from inflatableworld. She bounces hard on the big poor ball but she does not pop him fortunately. The girls go for one final duo bounce on the big 60 inch SHOSU ball and have a lot of fun on top of him!😌

Full Video Reference Code: GPPFCL072.P6.2.11NOV2021
Model: Evelyn, Brianna
Play time: 14 minutes approx.
File: .mp4 (HD)
File-size: 1.49 GB approx.
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