🎬 Popping two fat GL1200 balloons in the garden (GPPFCL021.19APR2019-.mp4)

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‘The bigger, the better’ Sheena always told me. So I showed her my two lovely Cattex GL1200 giant airship balloons. The first one she blows up while sitting on top of it; the air does not know where to go and we suspect that her high heels were not very healthy for the latex surface. It suddenly succumbs and Sheena moves on to the big green GL1200. It struggles underneath her curvy body while she’s playing on top of the balloon and eventually it cannot take the abuse any longer.🎈

Full Video Reference Code: GPPFCL021.19APR2019
Model: Sheena
Play time: 4:52
File: .mp4 (second part was filmed in 60 fps)
File-size: 476 MB
€ 5,99 incl. VAT