🎬 Sheena’s exercise ball & balloon ride in the garden (GPPFCL022.19APR2019-.mp4)

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Look what we found in the attic! An old orange exercise ball that was begging to be bounced on. Of course, exercise/yoga balls were one of those items that we wanted to work with a long time ago, but we couldn’t realize it until now. Sheena’s riding on the slightly underinflated ball having a great time abusing it in her tight yoga pants. Wishing to increase her looner rush she grabs a small purple balloon and rides it to pop on top of the exercise ball (recorded from different angles).

Full Video Reference Code: GPPFCL022.19APR2019
Model: Sheena
Play time: 6:35
File: .mp4 (partly filmed in 60 fps, from a different angle)
File-size: 644 MB
€ 5,99 incl. VAT