🎬 Sheena’s giant inflatable IW.de Chipmunk deflation job (GPPFCL020.P2.22DEC2018-.mp4)

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Part 1 of this video contained a very nice and intimate bounce on the amazing inflatable chipmunk from IW.de. After Sheena puts her signature on his chest, she unplugs the valve and starts to deflate him while riding, grinding, squeezing….in short: the stuff we love seeing her doing! She takes different positions to deflate the giant pooltoy and enjoys the process of letting out all the air for you. We filmed some nice close-ups of the valve while she was doing so. This is a video where the toy did not get popped.

Full Video Reference Code: GPPFCL020.P2.22DEC2018
Model: Sheena
Play time: 22:36
File: .mp4
File-size: 2.15 GB
€ 15,99 incl. VAT