🎬 Silver exercise ball ride & some small balloon popping (GPPFCL023.19APR2019-.mp4)

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This silver exercise ball is a little bit softer than the previous orange one and Sheena loves to bounce around on it. The sexy high heels she wears are a little bit threatening for the small purple balloon😈👠. She blows the small balloon up first, teases it with her high heels and then pops it, while also putting some pressure on the exercise ball. A second balloon gets popped with her cigarette… Not a lucky day for these small purple balloons.

Full Video Reference Code: GPPFCL023.19APR2019
Model: Sheena
Play time: 2:53
File: .mp4 (partly filmed in 60 fps, from a different angle)
File-size: 283 MB
€ 5,99 incl. VAT