🎬 Two Girls Measure And Bounce On Two Exercise Balls (GPPFCL072.P1.1.11NOV2021-mp4)

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Brianna and Evelyn meet up for another bounce on the GP exercise balls. Before doing anything with the attractive balls they measure their sizes! Brianna first takes the soft but smaller exercise ball, Evelyn immediately goes for the bigger Rainbow ball🌈. The girls both have a lot of fun, but Brianna is a bit jealous and she wants the rainbow ball for herself, so she wants to switch balls. Evelyn wants her ball back and suggests they should both bounce hard on the soft, colorful rainbow ball!

Full Video Reference Code: GPPFCL072.P1.1.11NOV2021
Model: Evelyn, Brianna
Play time: 8 minutes approx.
File: .mp4 (HD)
File-size: 765 MB approx.
€ 9,99 incl. VAT