Guilty Pressure Pillows And New Videos Starring Them🎈

Pressure pillow blog

Hi looner friends! And welcome to another blog post!🤩 As you could have guessed, this one’s theme is the Guilty Pressure Pillow. Besides that, I have the opportunity to present some new videos that these pillows appear in.

So, regarding the pillows I mainly discuss two things in this blog. I will first talk a bit about the Guilty Pressure Pillows and how I look back at the whole experimenting and crafting process (and why it can’t be done anymore). After that I will show you some neat new trailers where the black and white ‘Yeti’ pillow are starring in🙂

Reflection on the pillow: nothing new, more a personal thing😅

Trial and error

Looking back at the period I was experimenting a lot with crafting these big inflatables, I think that my Guilty Pressure pillows (you can check the whole section here for more info) were nothing new at all. Not that it is a bad thing or anything. But I mean just enter ‘inflatable pillow’ in any particular online search tool and you’ll probably get hundreds of results related to the pool protection pillows.

Girl on giant inflatable pillow
Bouncy as hell! 😏

Again, I think that experimenting with the design of a regular pool protection pillow was a good idea. Not only were these pool protection pillows almost impossible to get here in The Netherlands, I found their color not that spectacular too; these were things I wanted to change. And yes, I wished they were a lot bouncier, like GL1200 balloon.

Not for mass production, just for content

Each time I was crafting a Guilty Pressure Pillow, I realized that it would not be possible to scale up this production process. To craft even one of them takes a lot of time and raw materials. As a result, these pillows would not be affordable for regular customers, especially compared to the popular poolprotector pillows. Then the decision was made to use these pillows only for making (custom) content.

super soft looner pillow
Massive white Guilty Pressure pillow; this one was later sold for a lower price due to its design flaws (see below).

Getting new raw materials to craft another inflatable pillow is harder and more expensive compared to when I started (somewhere in 2015/2016), which is the main reason that I can’t craft any new pillows anymore. I hope this will change for the better in the near future, because I would love to work with a new color!

New videos with GP Pillows🔥

Okay, so we had the chance to make some new videos with these amazing pillows last year. Let’s take a look at these trailers, shall we?!

The black pillow from the very beginning is still going strong! It even proved stronger than our blue pillow that popped unexpectedly during a shoot in 2021’s Summer.

Evelyn and I decided it’d be nice to use both the black pillow and the white pillow in one shot to add some ‘contrasting’ effect to the scene.

Black is in my opinion always a kinky color, maybe because of the association with classic latex suits / clothes from the latex scene. In the video above the black pillow proved its toughness once more. It was the first one I managed to craft successfully (oh yes, there were many failures before this one!🧐)

When I look back at this particular scene, I would actually love to see a new, colorful inflatable pillow being used. For example a nice pink one would really add something new to these scenes✨

This white pillow is quite big; its oversized body did remind me of a Yeti somehow. Evelyn loves getting almost sucked into the inflatable pillow!

Let’s be honest here: this pillow had some flaws in its design. The diameter was a bit too big to ride on for Evelyn, making it kind of difficult to handle. If she was longer herself, this would not be that much of an issue.

Besides the wide diameter, you can hear that the pillow springs a little leak after the girl’s bouncing on it. This did not matter to Ev, since she loved that hissing sound and the fact that she could literally sink into this pillow as if the Yeti pillow ”eats” her sexy body🍑

See you next month😃

To conclude this blog, I think it is amazing that there are great alternatives to the Guilty Pressure pillow (like the PressuRoll we sold in 2021) and the developments in the looner market are quite promising!

I hope you enjoyed this pillow blog edition and of course, I hope to see you back next month!🙏

For now, I wish you all the best!

Gray V.