Plague of piracy pressure☠

A big hearty welcome!😃

Hey Guilty Pressurists! Welcome back to the blog section with a brand new blog. Despite the title’s negative connotation we end this blog positively with some new trailers. But let’s face it, piracy (see title) is almost always a nasty issue for studio owners. Guilty Pressure is no exception. Unfortunately.


Well, by now you all are aware of why we do what we do: create content that captures the magic in such a way that all of us get a feeling of being understood in what we like. Getting you happier with yourself as a looner than you already are. Our squeaky preference is sometimes still seen as something taboo-ish or deviant and our mission is to let us looners embrace it instead of viewing it as something to be ashamed for. Some never did, which is very good!😎

Piracy is in some way free promotion for a studio. The message we want to broadcast gets more attention and hopefully it evokes the “embracing the deviance” in more looners through it. 

We also understand how frustrating it is that we are not able to sell outside the EU-membership countries! 😑This is why we investigated how to expand the business by making use of OnlyFans. It also makes sense that people start trading videos to still get some content, I actually understand this point of view perfectly well.

An screenshot of a pirated video.

However, we’ve not reached that point to get the whole operation outsource-ready and we still are a bit struggling to get all expenses covered. The server, extra space on it, the book keeping system, the book keeper, security and of course hiring the models all have one thing in common: they all require money. That is how things work in life. Due to the piracy issue the business lost a lot of revenue.

A consequence is that all custom and regular productions scheduled after June 3 are postponed and videos getting somewhat more expensive than last year. This in turn could result in less sales – a logical economic result. 

What I am trying to say is that I am personally not as affected by piracy of our content as the site/business itself is. Remember that the girls also have their bills to pay.

Another example / screenshot of a pirated video…🤨

I look at it from a positive optimistic point of view… because the free promotion and getting more attention within the community to accept and embrace the fetish as a privilege reaches a larger audience. Business-wise there is much more damage! We may end up in quitting entirely if these slightly higher priced content turns out the wrong way.

The whole text above is not meant to complain, but merely a way to give you insight on what impact and consequences piracy has. I hope this way we can stop the business from bleeding and to be able to keep on going. Not only for Guilty Pressure but for all the studios that are affected negatively by piracy. 

I trust all of you as my fellow looners. I kindly ask all of you, as mentioned before on behalf of the entire industry, to keep the content to yourself. It is after you purchased it meant for your eyes only.

Okay, now that we’ve discussed the more serious things, we can move on to some more positive items. Check those trailers out below😍

New trailers🤩

In these videos the girls found new toys to play with: the big fat catch of the day and some giant IW.de swim rings. Please enjoy!

The big inflatable shark has an amazing time; the girls notice that he gets a little leaky… the duo bounce was awesome so it was worth the leak!
A little accident with the red ring happened; it could not take Ev’s bouncing position and a seam split was the result 😶

Well, that is it for this month. I hope that you understand why I had to write the more serious part of the blog. I do hope that you could enjoy the latest trailers as well! I wish you all the best for now! See you next month!😃

Gray V.