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PressuRoll over again!

Hey everyone! Welcome back at the one and only Guilty Pressure blog of the month. I hope you’re all doing well!

Remember the previous blog where I made a comparison for each budget and preference? The PressuRoll was mentioned there for the first time, but there wasn’t really much detailed information provided about them…yet!

In this months blog I will discuss in much more detail what the PressuRoll is and what you can expect from it. With the publication of this blog we celebrate the release of this unique and limited inflatable with links to where you can find them in our shop! 🙂

(Hey pssst…!🤫 Don’t want to read first and visit the shopping pages immediately? Click here for the black version, click here for the transparent one and click here for the soft pink version!)

A closer look at the PressuRoll🔎

✨ Before going into detail, I wanted to inform you that this product was developed with the help, support and approval of Shosu Amsterdam. The PressuRoll is pure Shosu Power! I mentioned this company in a few blogs before, but keep an eye out for their socials and website to stay tuned. I promise that it is worth it! ✨

Genral PressuRoll specs:

🎈 Price tag: €47 ex. shipping (sold within EU-member countries only!)
🎈 Size: 220 cm length, 80 cm diameter inflated; will fit in most rooms
🎈 Colors: Black (shiny), Clear/Transparent (shiny) & Pink (frosty/matte)
🎈 Enough freedom to experiment (e.g. heat stretching)
🎈 Less expensive alternative to the Guilty Pressure Pillows
🎈 Vinyl / PVC thickness: 0.18mm
🎈 Smart valve system for quick inflation and quick deflation. Perfectly adjusted to the size of the inflatable.
🎈 CE-certificates: PVC has been CE-approved
🎈 Limited “Pressure Is Pleasure – By Guilty Pressure” edition
🎈 Manufacturing year: 2020

Let’s Rock ‘n PressuRoll 😍

Easy inflation & deflation
Within the design (kudos for Shosu again!) the large ‘smart’ valve system was incorporated. I think there’s an official name for this type of valve, but I could not find it anywhere so I will keep using the term ‘smart valve system’ 😉 (see photo below).

Easy inflation & deflation✌

We all have been there: a quick ride, bounce or play on a big fat infla would be perfect in between other activities… but inflating a toy with several chambers takes a bit too long.

The smart valve system facilitates inflating the PressuRoll quickly. It takes a few minutes to inflate with an electric 230 Watt pump; still there is enough fun for those who love inflating by mouth – but obviously, this will take some time. If you like to put the PressuRoll away after a quick play, it will take about a minute or so to deflate since this valve has no ‘classic’ safety flap in it. Deflation purists may need to get a little bit creative to slow the deflation part a bit down!

Keep it inflated for a while
A big inflatable that is ready to be used anytime you want, well that just doesn’t sound too bad, right?😀 The PressuRoll certainly is big with its 2.2 meters, but it could easily stand straight up and take less space this way! You could just keep in inflated for longer, and take it for a ride whenever you like to. Despite the fact that personally I love the bigger inflatable animals, they just take so much more space when I leave them inflated. This feature may seem trivial, but it can be really convenient to ‘store’ it inflated like this👇

PressuRolls do not take incredibly much space, stored like this!

Perceive the PVC: flexibility, softness, touch & smell
PressuRolls are made of 0.18 mm thick vinyl; thick enough for some good (ab)use, thin enough to give them that sexy inflatable touch. Compared to the second generation IW duck and the IW shark, the PressuRolls PVC is slightly less flexible and less soft. The smell after opening is not as strong as some bulk manufactured beach balls, mattresses and floats. PressuRolls smell kind of neutral/naturel. The latter is pleasant if you don’t like that strong vinyl odor that linger in the room for days after unboxing.

To avoid any misconceptions, it may be good to realize that Guilty PressuRolls are not to the same as Guilty Pressure Pillows. Where the first come close to a classic inflatable, the later come closer to a latex product because the production methods differ greatly. As you could have read in the previous blog these pillows are still mainly used for making video content and if at any point in time for sale, they are quite expensive.

Price and size both matter
The inspiration for both Guilty Pillows as for PressuRolls are obviously GL1200 balloons. These sexy biggies are hot as hell and not very expensive, but if you prefer inflatables you couldn’t find it in that same blimp shape…until now!🎈 Size does matter, but price does too. With a PressuRoll you will have a big inflatable for a relatively small price.

Longest seam, weakest spot
The seam that goes from on end to the other may be the weakest spot of the PressuRoll. For non-poppers: be extra careful with over-inflation and sharp objects near this seam; one little hole can result in a succumbing PressuRoll. If popped along this seam, it will be extremely challenging to repair!

A seam split over the length will probably result in an irreparable toy!

I would not recommend modifying these inflatables. If you really want to, it may be a good idea to reinforce them before doing so✌ Poppers can experiment all they want, since they may be less sad/emotionally affected if one of their infla’s pop!😉

Limited stock: don’t miss out!
Guilty PressuRolls are produced in very limited quantities, so I’d suggest not to wait too long if you would like to buy one!🔥 A few are reserved for making content.

Stock at the time of writing (February 18, 2021):

Inflatable PressuRoll Black 220 (GPPR220-B) : 8/10 available
Inflatable PressuRoll Transparent 220 (GPPR220-T) : 8/10 available
Inflatable PressuRoll Pink 220 (GPPR220-P) : 4/5 available

Final words

That’s it for now, dear friends! I hope you all liked this blog. Either way: thank you for reading! Wish you many wonderful moments with your own PressuRoll if you decide to get one!💖🙏

Gray V.


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