Privacy & Cookie policies

Effective date of this version: May 21, 2018 – Last modified: March 16, 2021

Updates August 2020 (1):

  • 1.11 was added as new section
  • Small changes in store’s address and Vanture has been the new fullstack dev from 2019 and on. Further, OVH replaces Neostrada.

Updates March 2021 (3):

  • 1.7: Quality marks / review platform privacy implications replaces the previous quality mark provider privacy policy implications.
  • 1.13/1.1.14/1.1.15: Implications and heads up for your privacy and personal data handling when visiting websites that show an advertisement from us (when applicable), visiting and/or communicating with us via our Discord server and social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

One should also read ‘she’ when only ‘he’ is mentioned. We do not want to discriminate anyone on a website on which all of our customers should feel welcomed and understood. By ‘agreement’ mentioned below, we mean the user agreement or Terms & Conditions document.

The document you are currently reading is our website’s Privacy & Cookie policy. You should take the time to read it carefully, because in this policy we describe what kind of (personal) data / information we collect and for what purposes. We respect your privacy and we value transparency regarding this subject.

Furthermore, this document describes how personal data is collected GDPR compliantly and how information is processed – it is ALWAYS valid, even with typos and grammatical errors included. It is also valid for parts of the website that are still in development.

This policy applies to information collects: on our website (desktop, mobile), in all electronic messages between you and us, via YouTube.

If you do not agree to this privacy policy you choose not to use our website. By accessing you agree to our general terms and conditions, this privacy policy and our return and refund policy. Please check all of these policies regularly.

Despite our attempt to be as transparent as possible in this privacy policy, we understand that some topics are quite complex. If you have questions, feel free to contact us: [email protected].

  1. Third parties and their privacy policies

1.1 We use third party services. Flem IOP-Test Development and Guilty Pressure as project is responsible for some of your personal data (see other sections as well) and we highly recommend that you read the privacy policies of the third parties we cooperate with if you make use of our services:

  • 1.1 If you send us a mail to [email protected] you should read Google / Gmail their privacy documents as well:
  • 1.2 Our ‘fluid’ project team (IT-professional, IO-Psychologist/Project owner, different models) makes use of the services of Automattic, the company that developed WordPress and WooCommerce.
    • 1.1.1 WordPress facilitates building a website
    • 1.1.2 WooCommerce facilitates many web shop functionalities
  • 1.3 Automattic collects aggregated data of the total of sales made via WooCommerce, but does not collect your personal information; it collects the total sales of the owner of the web project / organisation: David Flem (a.k.a Gray Valkery, see below). For transparency purposes, we recommend that you should read their privacy policy as well:
  • 1.4 OVH owns the servers runs on. Again, for transparency purposes, please read their data processing contract to discover how and OVH do the utmost to protect your personal data:
  • 1.5 Vanture is our direct IT-business partner, the professional behind Vanture has admin rights to in order to fix bugs or help solve technical issues. This fullstack developer has access to the database and full server access and is also bound by this privacy declaration.
  • 1.6 Our preview videos are uploaded to you YouTube, or
  • 1.7 Review platforms websites collect reviews via their own platforms if you post one on them. If you submit your review at such a platform you are obliged to them (in many cases) name and e-mailaddress. They have their own privacy policy, separated from this own. These review platforms will post your name on their own website.
  • 1.8 If you use a credit or payment card to purchase anything from, make sure you read the privacy policy of these payment option providers as well. Klarna (our PSP) will collect your personal information as an independent PCI DSS and GDPR compliant processor. Read their privacy policy here:
  • 1.9 We ship your orders (mainly inflatables or other props) with DHL. DHL will not share, sell, pass, distribute your personal data to third parties, unless for conclusion of the agreement or forced by law, or in case you gave permission to do so. In order to settle custom and/or tax duties, some personal information is processed (usually: name and address of the shipper, name and address of the recipient, description of goods, amount of goods, weight, the parcel’s value in €). Read their policy here: and here:
  • 1.10 Based on 1.1.9, customs may have stored some personal information about you. For customers residential in the U.S. you could visit: for other regions: contact your country’s customs.
  • 1.11 Quaderno is the invoicing and VAT compliance partner. They store your personal data at dedicated and highly secured server environment at DigitalOcean’s Data Center in Amsterdam. Full privacy measures can be read here:
  • 1.12 Advertising: Traffic Junky (TJ) is a digital marketing company that allows Guilty Pressure to place web advertisements on the TJ-network adult tube sites and may store some information like IP-address, visitor location and partly aggregated data like search keywords. TJ may use your personal data to optimize advertising options. When does the collection of personal data start: right when visiting one of TJ’s network sites (see; for each of these sites the privacy policies are important to read, understand and keep in mind when clicking on one of our ads). After clicking an advertisement you are directed to our website and this policy becomes effective.
  • 1.13 Discord and more specifically the Guilty Pressure Discord Server is one of our social platforms to communicate and interact with you. When using Discord to interact with us, please make sure to read their privacy policy:; Discord collects personal data like: interests, activity, IP-address, user device, etc. Make sure you read an understand this policy when using Discord and the Guilty Pressure Discord Server.
  • 1.14 Facebook and Instagram are two social media platforms that are being used since March 2021. These platforms may collect specific personal data (search words, IP-address, interests, etc.) and so we suggest to carefully review their privacy policies: and
  1. GDPR compliant privacy provisions

2.1 We are obliged by law (Art. 12-14 GDPR) to inform you about:

  • 1.1 Who we are: (website/studio) is a balloon/inflatable fetish project also known as Guilty Pressure Project that has been initiated as an important side project of his company ‘Flem IOP-Test Development’. The activities of the latter: developing psychological valid tests for a wide range of challenging professions. Guilty Pressure Project was initiated to gain experience with e-commerce so that owners can develop a test for screening e-entrepreneurs and train/coach them to get better. The choice for an e-shop in this industry is something personal: bringing new ideas and concepts to life for others with the same preferences. It also provides a very decent personal challenge. Besides Gray there are third party companies/partners: a professional model, an IT-professional, e-shop partners like WordPress plugin developers and an accountant organization that takes care of the taxes.

    Guilty Pressure Project by
    Flem IOP-Test Development
    Business Registration Number, registered at Chamber of Commerce  Groningen:  61312703
    Hoogbree 76
    9403 JR
    The Netherlands

    (This is NOT a visiting address!)

    T. +31 (0) 6 33 47 79 68
    E. [email protected]

    Please notice that the Twitter® account ‘@guiltypressure’ is NOT ours. Currently we do not use Twitter® at all.

  • 1.2 In order to protect privacy sensitive information (personal data) of the project owner, we only use VAT-number in business communications (invoices). This is in accordance with Art 9 – 10 of the GDRP.
  • 1.3 The personal data that we collect and process of you: your first name, your last name, your country where you live, your address (street address, postal code/ZIP, e-mailadress), date of birth (via the age gate before entering – note: these data are never stored in any of our databases/servers after entering), personal message (on checkout – optional / on contact form – optional), phone number (optional), company name (optional). Furthermore: invoice number and/or order number.
    • 1.3.1 Some information we collect about visitors is non-identifiable and aggregated visitor data, like visitor count (‘traffic’). We collect information about IP-anonymized search phrases, via what link you visited and on what device, connection and browser. Search queries may be inspected from time to time, but these do not lead to your personal data. We also collect aggregated geographical visitor data to decide in which languages the website should be translated later on.
    • 1.3.2 We keep records and copies of your correspondence with us (including e-mailaddresses – if you contact us.
    • 1.3.3 We keep details of transactions you carry out;
    • 1.3.4 If we use surveys: we keep records of your answers for research purposes (only IP-address is stored, other personal data are anonymized)
    • 1.3.5 If we use user browsing/surfing behaviour: we keep track of how many hits the pages count.
    • 1.3.6 Posts or comments on YouTube,, and are public and copied to a list of suggestions for future shoots (saved to an MS Excel (2010) file).
  • 1.4 The goals of this data collection and processing:
    • 1.5 For the conclusion of the agreement if you make use of our services. A legally obliged business administration is necessary for our business and this project. If you purchase a video, a prop or something else, an invoice is generated. We are legally obliged to put your first name, last name and address on the invoice. If you purchase something (complete a transaction), this is your legal digital signature concluding the agreement (also see below for giving and withdrawing permission). In short, we collect your information to provide you your purchased items (videos, inflatables) and conclude the agreement legally.
    • 1.6 For future e-marketing purpose in the form of possible newsletters we may want to send you in the future (personal information used: e-mail address) – please let us know if you do not want this, we will not send you advertising e-mails again;
    • 1.7 To complete payments via the payment service provider (the aforementioned personal information that enable you to pay with credit card, Sofort banking, etc.).
  • 1.5 The legal basis to collect and process special personal data:
    • 1.6 Legal basis 1: in order to process your order correctly and to conclude the agreement, we need to process this data.
    • 1.7 Legal basis 2: We also ask for permission to process data about your balloon fetish as your sexual preference, by purchasing anything on you give us this permission (see below how to withdraw!).
  • 1.6 Third parties we share your personal data with: Your personal information is collected/processed by us, but some of our partners have (limited) access to them:
    • 1.6.1 The accountant (Administratiekantoor Steenbergen, located in Holland, EU) and DTS (located in Amsterdam, Holland, EU) for a correct business administration for our tax duties;
    • 1.6.2 The IT-professional (Vanture, located in Holland, EU) for technical maintenance of the website;
    • 1.6.3 The web hosting company that owns the servers (OVH, located in Holland, EU). This is managed by the above mentioned IT-professional and project owner.
    • 1.6.4 In rare cases: review platforms. See 1.1.7.
    • 1.6.5 If and only if forced by law: Lawyers or (local/international) authorities.
      We have specialized binding personal data processing contracts with many of these direct partners in order to protect your personal data to the utmost. By purchasing on you agree to indemnify us from any privacy breaches due to external causes, including but not limited to force majeure (see terms & conditions).
    • 1.6.6 Some less obvious third parties may not SEEM to have direct access to (some) of your personal data, but we inform you they may still have limited access to these data:
      • The payment service provider Klarna: The payment service provider may have access to your transaction(s) and banking account number/credit card number
      • ING Bank (Located in Holland, EU). The bank may have access to your transaction(s) and banking account number/credit card number;
      • Automattic (Located outside the EU) is the developer of WordPress and WooCommerce. In their privacy policy they claim to check aggregated sales data of web shops using WordPress and WooCommerce;
      • Tax and other Authorities (Located in Holland, EU). Tax authorities have insight in your personal data through invoices. Other authorities (prosecutor) may have insight as well, if we are forced to participate in their tax investigations;
      • Google (Located outside the EU). Google may have access to your e-mail address, but no access to confidential information, since uses their servers to save some documentation including personal data.
      • TaxJar: this is a third party plugin that automatically calculates applicable taxes for U.S. customers. They may have access to your ZIP code, since sales tax is partly determined by the ZIP code.
    • 1.6.7 These business partners are obliged by agreements to ALWAYS treat these personal data confidentially.
    • 1.6.8 These business partners are obliged by individual agreements to protect and secure these personal data to the utmost.
    • 1.6.9 Unless forced by (international) law to do so or in case of force majeure (cyber-attacks), your personal data will NOT be shared with parties outside of the European Union. With exception for U.S. customers, some of their personal data are processed in the U.S. We indirectly collect your data for the purpose of fraud prevention and investigation purposes. Automattic (the developers of WooCommerce and WordPress, located OUTSIDE of the EU) may check aggregated purchase data, but will not see who purchased what according to their privacy statement.
    • 1.6.10 Exceptions: In the event of divestitures, mergers, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution of (assets) of IOP-Test Development personal information will be shared with the successor or buyer. The same goes for a bankruptcy or similar event; user data will be among the assets that will be transferred.
    • 1.6.11 Other exceptions: we may disclose personal information if we believe it is necessary to do so in order to protect the safety and rights of members or other global citizens. This in the context of fraud prevention / credit risk reduction.
  • 1.7 Storage of your personal data:
    • 1.7.1 Your personal data (the fields you filled in to complete your order at name, address, etc.) are processed in order to make legally correct invoices that will be handed over to DTS for business and tax administration purposes. Hardcopy versions of your invoices including your personal data are stored at Middenweg 3, 7906 LJ Hoogeveen, Holland. Some digital and hardcopy invoices are also stored at Administratiekantoor Steenbergen Industrieweg 4 9482 TT Tynaarlo, Holland.
    • 1.7.2 Your personal data (e.g. the fields you filled in to complete your order, also see the aforementioned items) are stored in our database. That is, your personal data are stored on the servers of OVH, our web hosting partner. This partner is obliged by the binding personal data processing contract to store and secure your data on the server to the fullest extent. OVH owns the servers that are managed by the aforementioned IT-professional from Vanture. He manages the passwords to access this database. Servers are located in Haarlem/Dronten, Holland. Passwords to the database are hashed as an extra security feature. When purchasing via you agree that OVH CAN ALWAYS access your personal data, but is obliged to treat these data confidentially EVEN IF ACCESSIBLE.
    • 1.7.3 By posting a comment on YouTube (in the comment section of our preview videos), you agree to the privacy policy of YouTube. We are obliged to inform you that we store the following information in an Excell sheet for marketing purposes:
      • Your YouTube account name
      • Your suggestions mentioned in the comments
      • The storage of these personal data are on the hard disk drive of the work laptop of Project Owner and on the external backup hard disk. These are both only accessible by our IT-professional and Project Owner. The laptop and memory drive are always behind two locked doors.
      • If you would like to have these data deleted from the data file or retrieve this data (part of an Excel file), please send us an e-mail message ([email protected]).
    • 1.7.4 The model her privacy needs to be protected as well, so personal information about her WILL NOT BE PROVIDED. Except for the features for that she gave permission to share with prospects, YouTube viewers and clients of These are:
      • Length
      • Weight
      • Age
    • 1.8 Your RIGHTS as customer, visitor, user of (please send an e-mail message to [email protected] if you would like to exercise your rights – remember that it can take 30 business days!) :
      • 1.8.1 The right to retrieve/share your personal data for data portability purposes. You can also request us to send your personal data to another supplier of the same kinds of products (art 20, GDPR).
      • 1.8.2 The right to be ‘forgotten’ by us. Remember that we are legally obliged to keep/store invoices (business to consumer) for at least 10 years for international customers, 2 years for customers residential in the Netherlands. If you do not request us to ‘forget’ you, we NEVER delete any of our administration for business purposes (e.g. annual revenue). However, if you choose to be ‘forgotten’, we delete all of you invoices (after the legally obliged 10 or 2 year period, see above) and all of the other personal data on the servers. The latter can be done immediately. We collect evidence of this the deletion (e-mails from the accountant and/or OVH with confirmations) that we can show you or the authorities if requested. You will get a confirmation that we deleted your personal data from the serves. Remember that if law or authorities force us to avoid you to be forgotten after 10 or 2 years, we cannot fulfill your request. In case of subscription to newsletters: you can send us an e-mail that you do not want to receive any e-mail newsletters from us anymore. Will be effective after receipt of your message.
      • 1.8.3 The right have access to your personal data we process. You can send us an e-mail to gain access to your personal information. You can also fill in the fields at the bottom of each page of (fill in the fields to retrieve your personal information).
      • 1.8.4 The right to rectify or modify your personal data. Just send us an e-mail (see above) or WhatsApp message if your personal information should be modified. Effective within 30 days after receipt of your message to us.
      • 1.8.5 The right to minimize your personal data we process. Due to tax duties we are obliged to collect data regarding your country of residence.
      • 1.8.6 The right regarding automated decision making / profiling: N/A. We do not make use of automated profiling services or other sophisticated AI.
      • 1.8.7 The right to object against processing your personal data. Remember that we can minimize the collection and processing of some of your personal data but not all. We are legally obliged to put your name, address (street address and postal code/ZIP) on invoices. For us it is NOT legal to anonymize these data. Also remember that in order to process your order/payment correctly (in accordance with the law and our agreement) when purchasing something from it is necessary to process the aforementioned personal data.

2.2 We inform you about what we do if there are data leaks or other kinds of hacks: if we discover that there is a data leak we are legally obliged to inform the Authority Personal Data (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, AP) AND the users, visitors and customers of We will inform the AP via e-mail and inform users, visitors and customers via a message on the homepage of (even on the age gate which is the landing page). If we cannot reach you via our website we will publish a video on YouTube to broadcast about the leak. This will be done within 72 hours after discovering the leak.

2.3 Permission for collecting personal information: You expressly agree that you give us permission to collect personal data about you, like name, address, date of birth, when you purchase ANYTHING from us (you make use of our service you digitally sign the binding agreement between you and us). More specifically: if you transfer money to our banking account to purchase something or click ‘pay’ or ‘checkout’ or something similar in the checkout gate, you give us this aforementioned permission. If you do not want us to collect personal data, you (a) do not visit our website (anymore), (b) do not purchase ANYTHING from us anymore and (c) you do not contact us anymore. Giving us permission to collect special category personal data (Art 5, sub 1, GDPR and Art 9-10, GDPR): a fulfilled payment for ANYTHING that you purchased from is your legal signature to collect, record, store, organize, structure, modify, retrieval, use, disclose by transmission, disseminate or otherwise make available, align, combine, restrict, erase, or destruct your personal data AND the special category personal data about your sexual behavior that is implicitly collected.  By entering and purchasing video’s, products or make use of any of our services you expressly give us permission to collect implicitly special personal data about your sexual behaviour. Explanation: by purchasing something from, you implicitly share with us the data that reveals (some of) your sexual behavior or interests(e.g. that you have a balloon fetish).

2.4 You agree and acknowledge that data on invoices are minimized as much as possible. We do not collect more personal and privacy sensitive data of you than we need to collect.

2.5 You understand and agree that we are legally obliged to store invoices (counted from the mentioned date it was created) 10 years before erasing them (2 years for customers residential in the Netherlands). Erasing your data from the database can be done within 2-8 business days, after the request has been read by either the project owner or the IT-professional.

2.6 Withdrawing permission to collect special category personal information: if you want to withdraw your permission to collect data, you agree that you do not purchase ANYTHING from us and do not make use of any of our services until you want to give us permission again to collect your personal data (that is, when you make use of our services again). You also should make use of your right to be forgotten. Remember that only after 10 or 2 years the withdrawal of permission request can be fully honoured (see above).

2.7 (Technical) measures to protect your personal data/secure the website and connection:

  • 7.1 We make use of an https-connection (SSL certificate/technology to encrypt payment transactions);
  • 7.2 We make use of long and unique passwords, only managed by the IT-professional (obliged to treat this confidentially) and project owner;
  • 7.3 We make use of encryption on mobile devices (laptop, smartphones);
  • 7.4 All hardware is always kept behind locked doors and out of sight;
  • 7.5 Data is stored on servers behind firewalls, confirmed in the data processing contract of OVH.
  • 7.6 We comply to a certain extent to PCI DSS

Disclaimer and warning: Despite these measures cyber-attacks, data leaks or hacks are NEVER fully preventable due to the nature of the internet, any transmission of your personal information to is at your own sole risk. We keep track of every action or procedure in case of data leakage events. Always keep your passwords and personal information safe and to yourself.

2.8 Canada residential visitors, users, customers: the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (S.C. 2000, c 5) may be in act. If you believe your rights are violated, please send an e-mail to [email protected]; for more info:

2.9 Californian residential visitors, users, customers: these residents who are using the website have the right to request certain information about’s disclosure to third parties for marketing purposes (currently none). Send an e-mail to [email protected] to exercise this right, but also if you want to opt out. This is in accordance with California Civil Code 1798.83.

  1. Important information regarding minors

3.1 We do not intentionally collect information from minors. As stated in the terms and conditions (agreement), this website and every service of it is for persons older than 18 (in some jurisdictions 21) years of age. If you do not meet the requirements, you are not allowed by to enter nor make use of her services. Minors should not access and are not allowed to make use of any of her services.

We do not knowingly collect information about minors, children or any person younger than 18 years of age. We also do not knowingly aim our marketing at anyone younger than 18 years old. If you are younger than 18 years of age, you should not visit this website at all.

3.2 If we become aware that someone younger than 18 years of age has tried or managed to make us of our services, we will take steps: we will cancel your order and you will be banned from our services for good. We may keep some of your personal data (see above) to ensure that you will not try again to make use of our services.

  1. cookie usage and explanation

4.1 Cookie explanation: Internet pages of use cookies. These are files that are stored on your hard disk of your computer system via an internet browser. Many websites and servers do make use of these cookies and they have an identity, a so-called ID. These ID’s are made up of characters (a string). The unique cookie ID helps recognizing your internet browser. In short, we use these cookies in order to provide users, customers, visitors, etc. the most user-friendly experience. Without using these cookies the latter would not be possible. For example, if you add something to your shopping cart, close your browser (without removing any cookies or without any errors occurring), your item will still be in the cart after opening your browser and accessing again (see 4.2.6 for this cookie).

4.2 Cookie names | domains | function | expiration

  • 2.1 PHPSESSID | | Preserves user session state across page request | Session
  • 2.2 cookie_notice_accepted | | If ‘True’ you accepted the use of cookies, if ‘False’ you have declined | Session
  • 2.3 wp_woocommerce_session_ | | contains a unique code for each customer so that it knows where to find the cart data in the database for each customer. No personal information is stored within these cookies | Session
  • 2.4 woocommerce_cart_hash | | information about the cart as a whole and helps WooCommerce know when the cart data changes | Until Erased
  • 2.5 woocommerce_items_in_cart | | information about the cart as a whole and helps WooCommerce know when the cart data changes | Until Erased
  • 2.6 comment_author_(hash) || visitor won’t need to re-type all their information again when they want to leave another comment | ????
  • 2.7 comment_author_email_(hash) | | visitor won’t need to re-type all their information again when they want to leave another comment | ????
  • 2.8 comment_author_url_(hash) | | visitor won’t need to re-type all their information again when they want to leave another comment | ????
  • 2.9 wp_statistics_opt_out | | the website saves the user preference to get tracked with or without IP-address and geolocation | 1 year

4.3 User freedom in cookie usage: Users, customers, visitors, etc. can prevent cookie usage by clicking on the ‘changed your mind on the use of cookies?’-bar. Furthermore, they should also be fine after denying cookies via their internet browsers. We recommend that you know how to do this in your browser before entering If all cookies are disabled entirely by the user, not all website functions of will be usable anymore.

4.4 Third party cookies: If we work with third party cookies by using third party advertising, these third parties may collect personal information; please contact this third party if you have questions regarding these cookies. If you do not see any advertisements, this means there are no cookies from this source installed on your hard disk.

4.5 Third party plugin data collection: Some plugins (like WooCommerce) are connected to the payment service provider and via this party they may collect some personal data, like your IP-address and credit card data. In case you use payment options provided by the payment service provider you have an account containing your name, address, e-mail, etc. Plugins occasionally (but see our terms and conditions for the complete list) may send information to the party that provide the plugin. The latter can be done via cookies.

  1. Takedown requests for copyright infringement

5.1 If you (reasonable) believe that your copyrighted work has been infringed, please follow the steps mentioned in the terms & conditions (agreement of We voluntarily comply with the DMCA (see agreement).

  1. Links to other websites

6.1 Sometimes a link to other third party websites are displayed at You agree that we are not responsible for the privacy practices and website content of these third party websites. Always read their privacy statement / policy, and if you cannot find one you should be cautious with (indirectly) sharing your personal information.

  1. Third party rights

7.1 No rights are created with this policy that could be enforced by third parties. Third parties have no right that require disclosure of personal information of’s users, visitors, customers.

  1. Privacy policy modification

8.1 On this page, you will find all that is related to our privacy policy. If there are any changes in this policy, it will be adopted on this page. Via the homepage we will let you know if there are any changes in this policy. On the top of this page you can find the ‘last modified’ –date, so you can check whether the policy is up-to-date.

  1.’s copyright information

9.1 All content of are intent for personal, recreational and personal (non-commercial) use of the end user/customer. All materials (collectively: ‘content’) including but not limited to photographs, blogs, video clips, concepts, concept art are protected by copyright © and copyright laws / intellectual property laws. It is controlled and protected by Project Owner and Flem IOP-Test Development. All models on this site are 18 years or older, compliant to section 18 U.S. Code 2257.

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