Some more 2021 Guilty Pressure trailers🎬

Welcome to the sequel of the trailer blog series!

That is exactly what it is: a bit of a sequel to the last blog! I want to thank everyone for reading last month’s blog (with the first 3 new trailers of 2021 productions) and for being here again! 🙏 You may notice that this blog is a bit shorter than what you’re used from us. I hope the new trailers below make up for that😀 But first I want to briefly discuss a few other things!

So before we take a look at the new trailers, I wanted to talk about a few items that I purchased some while ago to help out a few of my looner friends. I actually did not have really that much space left, so I need to resell these items. It is kind of sad because I rather would have liked to use them in some videos, but I really can’t hold in my 12 square meter office space😶. I don’t think I’m the only looner / studio that has to deal with this problem😵

Items that go for sale

Some of these items are kind of harder to get nowadays; see below if there is a hidden gem among these items that match what you may have been looking for✨

  • Intex Orca from 2013 | €35
  • The Wetset Vintage dragon ride-on from 1988 | €85
  • Kruidvat Leopard NIB | €45
  • Kruitvat Tiger NIB | €45

Three new 2021 Guilty Pressure trailers

Okay, so the second part of this blog is all about the new trailers! So here we go!😁👇

Evelyn sometimes just wants to be alone for a while with some gym balls. The relationship she has with this extremely soft CanDo exercise ball is intense; she kindly asked Brianna to leave the scene in trailer 64.1 so Ev could have some more intimate moments with her CanDo ball🔥 Oh Ev, you little diva! (once again, a big shout out to the Architect to make one available for public sale as well!)
The Architect requested some more intense IW beach ball bouncing! The plan was not to pop them, but to inflate them to their maximum anyway. So we got two accidental STP / sit to pops here. We suspect the outside temperature, their tightness and the static position of the ball that caused them to succumb so fast… Accidents happen, right?🙄
So we did another, shorter custom for another loyal client (thank you so much for your great custom requests and loyalty!). This trailer is the result: an amazing inflating while riding of the blue pillow! Quick side note: this one is a private production. There is another trailer of a video with this pillow that will go fore public sale.

To be continued…

Well, that is all for now! We continue with the roll-out of all the new content the following months. Expect some more trailers to come🙂 Until then, enjoy and have an amazing time here on Guilty Pressure!

Wishing you all the best!

~Team Guilty Pressure


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