Some New Guilty Pressure Looner (exercise ball) Videos Part 2✌

Welcome to part 2 of the exercise ball content production blog!🎉

Hello dear fellow looners! Welcome to Guilty Pressure’s brand new blog!😘

I will talk a little bit about these blog series first, then I give you some general updates and last but certainly not least I will present some new trailers!🎥

About these exercise ball blog parts

Yes, you are right if you think: “whoooot? another exercise ball blog?!” It is a hit or miss, of that I am well aware. Some of you will like it a lot, others maybe thinking “a lot of exercise ball content and too little balloon content” and you are actually quite right about that🧐

We just did not attract many balloon-custom-request-fans that invested in this studio. We got more exercise-ball-lovers who requested and paid for a lot of custom productions; both the balloon content and the exercise ball content I find incredible by the way!

But some customers who invests most in Guilty Pressure have more impact on shaping the final content; quite logical and reasonable imho. You see, it was necessary for the survival of the website😄

And yes, there are more parts to this blog to add a nice ”wider” time structure to Guilty Pressure blog publishing planning.

In January we had part 1, this is part 2 and the final part will be published in March. I had to apply this structure to these blogs since I started working more hours for a new employer this year. So, I needed to plan ahead and spread these parts over a longer time period.

Guilty Pressure 2022 roadmap 🗺

Why did I start working for a new employer in 2022 you ask? Well, I am saving up for the studio’s new products and few productions. There will probably be only one video production moment in 2022, depending on the developments in my current job.

The main Guilty Pressure goal for 2022 was to work on a new product. Now, I am currently not so sure that plan will be executable, but we’ll see. There probably will be another blog post again with a brief questionnaire/poll to see what GP-fans like the most!

Mails, messages & shipping (planning)

This is actually an important update for 2022, but all mails and messages directed at Guilty Pressure will be answered on Fridays only. Idem dito for shipping out any products: always on Friday! That means that if you drop a message on Saturday (or place an order on that day), you will have to wait quite some time before you get an answer / get your product⌚

Yeah, enough talk, the new videos please!🙏

You’re right, let’s check out the newest trailers!

So hot how they handle these big exercise balls! Especially the giant green one!

In the trailer/full vid above we used the biggest exercise ball we’ve ever worked with for the first time. I am talking about the big green CanDo ball. It is, when fully inflated around 150 cm! This squeaky exercise ball was borrowed from the Architect for this custom production!💖

You can see how the girls love how soft and bouncy these balls are – they like these balls better than most beach balls since these pop too fast

To be continued… one more time

That’s it for now my friends! Hope you did enjoy this blog and see you next month, alright?!😏 GET READY FOR PART 3!🔥

~ Gray V.