Some New Guilty Pressure Looner (exercise ball) Videos Part 3✌

Welcome to March’s Guilty Pressure blog😏

Hello everyone! πŸŽˆπŸ˜„

Welcome to the final part of the ”New Guilty Pressure Looner Exercise Ball Videos” – the blog series of 2022 that covers some very unique content with a very unique/rare exercise ball!πŸ”₯

Brianna and Evelyn on two incredibly big exercise balls!

I explained in last month’s blog [LINK] why we choose to do so many exercise ball videos, so for a quick recap check that one out as well.

From big exercise balls to big beach balls

If you are not really into exercise balls but you’re into beach balls then there’s some good news: some new trailers and some new videos will be discussed next month!πŸŽˆπŸ˜„

Here is a little preview!πŸ‘‡

Two babes, two beach balls – will they both survive?!

Maybe you’ve seen this image before on our socials! Just imagine how much fun the girls have with these big beach balls. The one on the right is from BestWay and looks a lot like Intex’s classic ”paradise” ball. The one Brianna sits on is a Wencke (40″ or so) and has some cartoon animals printed on one of the six panels. The PVC resembles the balls from ”topraces” (see below).

Hmm lovely stuff!

Progress on the roadmapπŸ›«

The first steps in the roadmap for 2022 are taken: getting used to the drawing software so the designs can be created. Anything else? No, not really, hahaπŸ™„

Unique exercise ball content

Well you did come here for a good reason, correct? For some new exercise ball content, right?! To make sure the title of this blog is no click bait, let’s go!

Wow, this 120 cm CanDo is really tight here!
The big green one…with a little more air in its body! (Don’t you wish you were this ball?!)
Hmmm hot! Can you imagine that the whole exercise ball custom video (including the arteesol ball, rainbow ball, physioball and orange Cando) has a net duration of 1,5 hours?!

The Architect’s treasure and special noteπŸ–‹

Due to the uniqueness of this rare item, the Architect keeps this treasure only to those dedicated enough to ask for a 4P, a Pressure Purchase Permission Password😏. To be more specific, there is almost no content on the internet with this giant ball (there are some exceptions of course!) and the Architect invested many, many euros into getting a GP custom done with this ball, so he wants you to put a little effort in purchasing this video yourself too! Not too much to ask for, right?πŸ‘

See you next month!

That is all for this month’s blog, my looner friends! Next month is the presentation and discussion of the most recent beach ball videos. Don’t miss out!