Terms and conditions (Agreement)

Effective date of this version: February 1, 2018 – Last modified: March 3, 2021

One should also read ‘she’ when only ‘he’ is mentioned. We do not want to discriminate anyone on a website on which all of our customers should feel welcomed and understood. You agree to read this agreement BEFORE entering the website and/or purchase anything from us.

Major changes:

  • Update August 2020(1): Invoices will be generated via third party organisation named Quaderno (so their T&A is valid as well when using guiltypressure.com); In order to comply with correct tax calculation for physical and digital goods, guiltypressure.com relies on Quaderno’s services as well. 
  • Update August 2020(2): We do not have the resources to fully comply with laws of countries outside the European Union (EU), therefore OUR SERVICES WILL BE ONLY AVAILABLE TO CUSTOMERS RESIDENTIAL IN THE EU. Making use of a VPN can be considered (tax) fraud. See 3.19 for details.
  • Update August 2020(3): Minor changes in 1.1.1, 1.1.3, 1.7.6,, 3.8.3, 3.14, 3.17 and 3.19 and 3.20 were added to the agreement as a new section.
  • Minor update March 2021: Quality Mark will no longer be applicable form April 22, 2021. Terms related to the Quality Mark were removed.

1. Definitions used in this Terms and Conditions section:

1.1 The document you are currently reading is our website’s agreement (“Terms & Conditions”or: “Agreement”). You should take the time to read it carefully, because in this agreement we describe how to use our website and what our policy is toward you as a visitor and/or customer – it is ALWAYS valid, even with typos and grammatical errors included. It is also valid for parts of the website that are still in development. By entering guiltypressure.com you also agree with the privacy policy, delivery, return & refund policy, and complaint handling. If you purchase at guiltypressure.com, you also agree to:

  • 1.1.1 Googles Terms of Service
  • 1.1.2 The payment service provider’s agreement (i.e. Klarna)
  • 1.1.3 Quederno’s privacy & general T&A (Quederno takes care of legally correct invoices and tax calculation/compliance for guiltypressure.com)

Please feel free to ask any questions or comment on our services (that we hope you enjoy) by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

1.2 Legal conditions are placed on you through the use of www.guiltypressure.com by this agreement. From our side there also promises that we make to you through this agreement.

1.3 If you like our services and you’re purchasing something:

  • 1.3.1 You agree that you have read this agreement;
  • 1.3.2 You agree that you are informed about your purchase;
  • 1.3.3 You agree with and are bound to every aspect of this agreement, as are we;
  • 1.3.4 You agree that considering our team’s privacy, we use aliases that are NOT our real names. Project owner uses the alias of Gray Valkery.

1.4 If you do not want to be bound to this agreement, then you agree NOT to use guiltypressure.com and/or any of its services.

1.5 In the event that you do not understand everything in this agreement, we suggest you reach out for us via e-mail (see 1.1.).  

1.6 Guiltypressure.com and its services are for adults only! We understand healthy curiosity, but if you are not eighteen (18) years (21 in some jurisdictions) or older, you are NOT allowed to use this website or ANY of our services at all. Omitting the age gate (that is, the landing page of guiltypressure.com before you can enter) or deliberately filling in an incorrect date of birth means that you breach this agreement. Therefore, it is considered computer hacking as well. By Dutch and international law, we are NOT responsible for YOUR internet surfing behaviour. Take responsibility and stay away from guiltypressure.com if you are below 18 years of age!

  • 1.6.1 For UK citizens: From July 2019 you are obliged by UK law to use an AgeID or ‘porn pass’ (PortesPass) for entering all adult content websites. Please visit  https://www.ageid.com/ for more information.

1.7 Defining the party’s involved and other important definitions:

  • 1.7.1 ‘We’, ‘Us’ ‘guiltypressure.com’ means the team behind guiltypressure.com or ‘I’ if Gray (owner of the project) has stated something in this agreement. Also referred to as: ‘the website’, ‘Guilty Pressure’, ‘Guilty Pressure Project’, ‘GPP’ or ‘guiltypressure.com’ or even ‘Flem IOP-Test Development’ (or FIOPTD; Dutch Chamber of Commerce, 61312703) as Guilty Pressure is only a project of this company.
  • 1.7.2 ‘You’, ‘the customer’, ‘the user’, ‘the visitor’ is you who reads this and who makes use of guiltypressure.com and our services (purchasing videos and / or props, and other products). ‘You’ ALSO refers to ‘visitors’: those of you that are just looking around for information about the fetish, what it is about, or those looking for inspiration to shape their fetish. Anyone who is on this website, but is not here to purchase anything.
  • 1.7.3 ‘Materials’ – all images, content, text, software (if any at all), images, videos, data, messages, blogs, plugins (the latter are owned by Third Parties, we do not own the copyrights of those third party plugins).
  • 1.7.4 ‘Third Parties’ – All organizations, persons, groups, etc. that are not part of the guilty pressure team.’
  • 1.7.6 ‘Model’ – the female starring in the videos. You hereby agree that her privacy is protected and that we NEVER provide or share any personal information about her in any way. She’ll an alias for this reason. In compliance with section 18 U.S. Code 2257 and GDPR her personal information (ID-card, date of birth, full name, address, e-mailaddress, phone number, Chamber of Commerce number, contract and other personal data) is stored at Hoogbree 76, 9403 JR Assen, The Netherlands.

1.8 By completing a purchase and BEFORE the final payment and checkout, you confirm that your choice is well-considered and consciously made. Also, before you purchase ANYTHING from guiltypressure.com you confirm that you have read this complete agreement (terms & conditions), our GDPR-ready privacy policy and the delivery and return/refund policy. You’ve also read these documents before viewing anything else or downloading anything.

  • 1.8.1 In case of notice of default you agree that you give us time to recover breach of this agreement from our side.
  • 1.8.2 It is possible that completing your order with the payment service provider involves paying a fee (exchange calculation rate or something similar).  
  • 1.8.3 You agree that we are legally obliged to create an invoice with your first name, last name and address on it if you choose to make use of our services (purchasing videos, video items/props – see below, or (custom) pillows). Processing your personal data is to maintain and continue a legal business administration and comply. The second goal: We may use your e-mail address only for marketing purposes (newsletters for example). Also see our privacy policy.

1.9 Revisions to these terms and conditions & former versions

  • 1.9.1 It is conceivable that by adjusting laws, this agreement has to be adjusted as well. A revised version will supersede the old version of this agreement and will be in force upon republishing that page at guiltypressure.com. You agree that we have the right to do so when purchasing from our website. Also, when revised versions get rejected, old versions can be considered still valid.
  • 1.9.2 We let you know by a blogpost or via a note on our homepage if there are revisions, which can be recognized by checking the ‘last modified’-date on top of this page. You agree that you read the changes by re-reading this agreement thoroughly. You agree that you refresh this page in your browser BEFORE you purchase anything from our website. If you do not do this, then you’ve neglected and thus implicitly breached this agreement and therefore we CANNOT be held responsible for this neglect.
  • 1.9.3 It is possible that we’re referencing to other sections, other guidelines, other rules, regulations, other Dutch laws, also international laws that apply.

2. Accepting our Terms and Conditions

2.1 Before using guiltypressure.com in any way, you must agree to all of the terms in this agreement. If you do not agree, you understand that we consider you as an unauthorized user of guiltypressure.com and ALL of our services. Even if you have made payments or services you purchased. There is no way this agreement can be omitted, even if this page is temporarily offline which cannot be seen as a waiver of this agreement. You are always bound by this agreement and you accept all terms of it. If not, you stipulate and agree that you are an unauthorized user and therefore you agree to pay us two hundred (€200) each time you access this website as liquidated damages for unauthorized access and use. Also you will be charged to cover all of our expenses that come along with this unauthorized use.

2.2 How to agree to all the terms and conditions in this agreement:

  • 2.2.1 When entering the website by clicking ‘submit’ or ‘enter’ or ‘yes’ or something similar at the age gate, that gives you access to this website. This has the same implications as placing a physical signature.
  • 2.2.2 Via e-mail or other electronic means – it is valid acceptance of all of the conditions and provisions in this agreement. If you happen to receive newsletters or e-mails from us, means that you agree to all the terms and conditions in this agreement. Note: we NEVER send you newsletters in case you did not give us permission to do so.
  • 2.2.3 Via any link that you’ve clicked on and you happen to land on our site or a section of our site (even when accidentally omitting the age gate/landing page) you still are on our website and therefore automatically accept these terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement.
  • 2.2.4 By making use of our service in any possible way, even if you ask for advice via e-mail how to deal with your fetish, purchase anything from our website or having to deal with us in any possible and conceivable way, you agree to these provisions mentioned in this agreement.

2.3 Guiltypressure.com is in no way a project that involves breaking any laws, or involved in any illegal activities and we do not want to be associated with it either. If you are seeking information about illegal activities, leave our website immediately and do NOT make use of our services in any way.

2.4 If there are any standards in your community that directly or indirectly forbid using this website, you CAN’T make use of guiltypressure.com. If it is not accepted to watch balloon and inflatable videos for whatever reason in your community, you are not allowed to do so. When still doing so, this means a breach of your community guidelines and breaching this agreement. You agree that we are NOT responsible for you breaking your community guidelines.

2.5 If there are any laws that forbid using this website, you CAN’T make use of guiltypressure.com. If visiting a balloon fetish website, watching videos, buying inflatables or making use of our services in any way thinkable is violating any laws in your country, you are NOT allowed to do so. We are NOT responsible for your violation of any laws.

3. Access & user account / user profile on our website – this agreement covers all (sub)areas of guiltypressure.com

3.1 We provide access to guiltypressure.com. You may visit certain public area’s on the website, but the user is always responsible for a properly working internet connection and the right hardware (laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) to visit or make use (by purchasing any kind of item or service or only take a look around) of our website.

3.2 We do NOT provide any soft- or hardware to you. The items you can digitally order are MPEG-4 or WMV files that can be played using a media player capable of handling this kind of files. You are solely responsible for getting the correct and safe soft- and hardware to be able to make use of our services. We recommend using VLC media player. You agree to first check this software for viruses or other malicious software before using it. We are not responsible for this Third Party software in any way.

3.3 At the time of writing you cannot create an account on our website (despite the information in the right corner saying ‘my account’ and ‘login’ or something similar), but you can purchase any kind of service or product from our website. It may be the case that later on the creation of a personal account is possible. If so, you fill in the fields of registration (or: fields for payment as a guest) correctly, true, complete, accurate, recent. If not, you are breaching the terms and conditions of our website.

  • 3.3.1 Upon registration you will receive a password that you have to keep to yourself AT ALL TIMES. You are not allowed to share your password with anyone else than yourself.
  • 3.3.2 You agree that you will update any profile information in your account if your personal situation changes (e.g. in case you move to another city or country).
  • 3.3.3 You agree that you will inform us about changes in your credit card use for purchasing our products and video content. You are responsible for any credit card charge backs, dishonored checks and/or related charges.
  • 3.3.4 If we suspect or conclude that the provided information regarding yourself is incorrect, incomplete or you violate any laws in any way with the use of your account, we reserve the right to terminate your account / profile permanently and you will be excluded from any further use of website or our services. No criminal activities or violations of laws are allowed by the use of your guiltypressure.com-account.
  • 3.3.5 User names for your profile / account are only allowed if:
    • They are unique (i.e. not used by another user);
    • Not violating any third party’s copyright;
    • Not violating any third party’s rights related to their intellectual property;
    • Not violating any laws;
    • The user name / profile name is not vulgar, offensive, discriminative, racist, etc.
  • 3.3.6 We reserve the right to delete your account / deny you from making use of our services at any time when condition 3.3.5 is breached.
  • 3.3.7 You agree that you inform us immediately if your account has been hacked. You acknowledge and agree that guiltypressure.com is NOT responsible for cyber-attacks and that we invested substantial time and resources in our security.
  • 3.3.8 You agree that it is necessary for us that we protect all of our intellectual properties, databases, and related properties from unauthorized access.
  • 3.3.9 You agree that you are fully responsible for your own cyber/digital security as well. Guiltypressure.com is NOT responsible for any visible or less or invisible damage to your properties and devices when making use of our services (purchasing, downloading, watching videos on your device).
    • You agree that you are fully responsible for checking to download the correct file (it should be a .mp4-file or .wmv-file and nothing else – especially no .exe-files). You agree to make sure that you do not order the same video TWICE.
    • You agree that you scan the .mp4 file with a decent virus scanner (to check the file for malicious code (Trojan Horses), worms and viruses) before using and/or playing the file on your device.
    • We CANNOT guarantee that a virus scanner from third party websites or developers will work as intended; you agree that you are fully responsible for downloading and using virus scanners or other ways to protect your devices. You agree that we are NEVER responsible for any damage caused by a third party virus scanner.
    • You agree that you are solely responsible for your use of the internet, including purchasing online items or digital items like video content from guiltypressure.com
  • 3.3.10 By using your account, you are fully responsible for:
    • Activities on your account (even if you give someone permission to use your account for whatever reason)
    • Informing us immediately if your account has been hacked or has been used in an unauthorized way.
    • Informing us about security breaches:
      • If you are a ‘Ethical’ or ‘Whitehat hacker’, please let us know what kind of leaks, vulnerabilities you found by sending an e-mail to [email protected] in the CC. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and help!
      • If you hacked our website (with wrong intentions) or breached security measures on purpose, or omitting them, we will take legal action.
    • Making sure that when using your account, it is always in compliance with this agreement.
  • 3.3.11 You agree that if we had to terminate your account, that you will not attempt re-registering or trying to create a new account using the same or a different user name without our written permission. Also, you are NOT allowed to use an active account from someone else as well.

3.4 Digital and downloadable files are non-refundable due to the nature of the ‘product’ (the .mp4-file with women have some interactions with inflatable toys/items and balloons – video content without physical carrier). In the rare event of a refund, you agree to pay for the processing expenses (with banks and credit card institutions) will be €9,99 for each separate refund.

3.5 You agree that either you or we may delete your account at any time with or without cause.

3.6 You are fully responsible for all devices (computers, laptops, PCs, smartphones, tablets, etcetera) working properly to be able to access or visit guiltypressure.com.

  • 3.6.1 With or without prior notice, we always reserve the right to modify the services and the design of guiltypressure.com.
  • 3.6.2 You agree that when you purchase a video or order a product that you fill in every required field truly, correctly, accurately, completely and based on your most recent situation.

3.7 You agree that we work with a video download processing system, which implicates that we work with a NO REFUND POLICY in accordance with article 230p (g). However, we will do everything in our force to make things work as intended for you if you purchase anything from guiltypressure.com.

3.8 The customer is always responsible for his or her own downloads and that their order is correct (e.g. as intended to buy, so make sure your order IS CORRECT – Make sure YOU DO NOT order the same video twice). This also implies that the customer is fully responsible for the fact that the downloading device and the device for watching our videos on (e.g. a desktop PC, a tablet, a smartphone or anything else the customer wants to watch the purchased videos on) works properly.

  • 3.8.1 You acknowledge that we are transparent regarding our products, product descriptions and that you know well what you are about to purchase.
  • 3.8.2 You agree that, before you purchase ANY video or product from our website, you have read the product description (containing all information regarding the product, service or video).
  • 3.8.3 We reserve the right to upload one trailer (via, but not limited to, YouTube.com, loonertube.com or VK.com) of the full length video, we also reserve the right of deleting trailers or even not uploading them. If you have questions regarding videos WITH a description of the content, send an e-mail to [email protected]
  • 3.8.4 Some videos will have a blank or very limited description regarding the content to apply the element of surprise in the video – you agree and acknowledge this is a feature of the niche/fetish. We disclaim ANY responsibility regarding your satisfaction with any videos of this nature. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE YOU WILL LIKE THE CONTENT, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE IT!
  • 3.8.5 As stated before, there is no right of withdrawal with digital products without a physical carrier which is the case with our full length videos, nor can you swap the video with another video. Make sure you consider whether you like to know what is content will be shown. Again, if you are not sure what to expect with ‘surprise’-video’s, you agree that you not purchase them and if you do, you agree that YOU are solely responsible for this purchase.
  • 3.8.6 You agree that trailers are just meant as a preview and will NEVER contain the same details as full length videos.
  • 3.8.7 You agree that filling in a wrong address you CANNOT claim ANY kind of refund in ordering a physical product (i.e. other than a video-download from guiltypressure.com). PLEASE MAKE SURE THE BILLING AND SHIPPING ADDRESS ARE CORRECT. You agree that you are fully responsible for providing correct billing and/or shipping information.
  • 3.8.8 You agree to make backups of your purchased videos; we are never liable for loss of your files or collections of videos due to (accidental) removal from your directories or systems.

3.9 If any errors occur during checkout, please send an e-mail to  [email protected]. In cooperation with our PSP and our IT-specialist we will try to solve the issue as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the Guilty Pressure Store is a side project of Flem IOP-Test Development and that there may be some delay in our reply. If you do not receive a reply within 72 hours (CEST), please contact us via WhatsApp.

3.10 If a media file (.mp4-4, make sure your device has software installed like Windows Media Player© or VLC© player) is damaged, please let us now via the abovementioned e-mail address. Let us know what video (including the video code which looks something like: GPPFCL001.2FEB2009).

  • 3.10.1 Send us an e-mail with a screenshot of the emerging error and your IP-address (the latter is only used verify – also see the privacy policy).
  • 3.10.2 We create and provide you a temporary download link, an URL, so that you will be able to download the file again.
  • 3.10.3 We provide you with a password; you agree that this password is only for you and that sharing, distributing, uploading, publishing, trading, or otherwise make publicly available is illegal and considered fraud which will be reported to local authorities.
  • 3.10.4 Please notice that you must exercise this right within 3 business days after purchase date.
  • 3.10.5 The downloadable file and the link stay up for 24 hours after we’ve provided it to you by e-mail.
  • 3.10.6 We keep track of how many downloads per individual IP-address is downloaded. For fraud prevention reasons you agree that you only download the file 3 times on the same device (same IP-address).

3.11 In case customers are caught trying to abuse (fraud) our service, they are added to a blacklist (database) and excluded from further future service. That is, they will not be able to purchase our videos ever again. We will take this very seriously and we WILLinform local authorities. These will deal with further prosecution.

3.12 Videos downloaded from our website cannot be swapped or traded with other videos of other customers.  Exchanges will only be given if a video is damaged upon receipt, and they must be exchanged within 3 days.

3.13 When being banned from our service for whatever reason (fraud, piracy, etc.) you agree that you will not try to use the same or another account to try and make use of our services again without our written permission.

3.14 You agree that personal information you submitted or created upon purchase may be accessed by us or third parties (that is: fullstack dev, project owner, Quederno and Klarna / other PSP) for as long as reasonably needed for keeping our business running and/or to protect our services. You also agree that we are allowed to access your information (a) to enforce this agreement, (b) its intellectual property policy, (c) to comply with the law, (d) to protect your information, (e) protect other customers or (f) to operate systems properly.

3.15 You agree that any video content (mp4-files) you purchase on guiltypressure.com is protected by copyright and videos are for YOUR private/personal use/enjoyment ONLY. Sharing, (re)uploading to other websites, trading, (commercial) streaming, (commercial) displaying, (commercial) exporting, (commercial) distributing, (commercial) reselling or making available to others without written permission by us, is considered violation of copyright and therefore illegal. We WILL inform local authorities upon this act and ban you from further using our website and ALL of our services.

3.16 You agree, acknowledge and accept that prices of videos may change from period to period, like from financial year to financial year (due to economical fluctuation).

  • 3.16.1 Due to the nature of our business model videos have NO fixed price on them, even if they have the same play time/duration.
  • 3.16.2 Price per video depends on the model (experience, (travel) expenses), nudity, anonymity, the props, length – those variables fluctuate, and so does the price per video.
  • 3.16.3 You agree that you cannot trade ‘more expensive’ videos for cheaper ones or vice versa.

3.17 You agree that we’re not obliged to provide you with the invoice of your purchased videos. Since 2019 EU-laws stipulate that the websites country of the business’ establishment determines invoicing obligations. It is not an obligation in The Netherlands and so we do not provide you with your invoice without your request.  Reach out for us if you would like to receive it (only per e-mail, only in English).

3.18 Right of withdrawal for physical products: You have the right to cancel your order up to 14 days after receipt without giving a reason. After cancellation you have another 14 days to return your product. You will then be credited with the full order amount including shipping. Only the costs for return from your home to the web store are for your own account. Consult the website of your carrier for the exact rates. If you make use of your right of withdrawal, the balloon/inflatable with all accessories supplied and in the original sealed (see video displayed at the ‘Inflatable for sale-page’) condition and packaging will be returned us. To exercise this right you can contact us via [email protected], make sure you attach the return form (filled in correctly). We will then refund the order amount due within 14 days after registering your return, provided the product has already been received by us in good order.

3.19 Geographic availability of video services / residents from which countries can purchase video content at guiltypressure.com? This applies to all digital content that is offered at guiltypressure.com.

  • 3.19.1 Due to complex tax regulations/laws covering digital goods tax laws governed outside the European Union (e.g. all other countries than EU-Member States) guiltypressure.com can only serve customers who are residential in one of the countries that are part of the European Union (EU);
  • 3.19.2 You agree that it is NOT possible (despite the fact that this agreement covers some US laws/regulations) to purchase any video file from guiltypressure.com if you are located and/or residential in any other country than a EU-Member State.
  • 3.19.3 You agree that we made this decision for legal reasons, not to discriminate on geographic location from our customers. Because, if we could, we would love to serve all customers independent of customer location;
  • 3.19.4 You agree that you DO NOT use a VPN or any other similar technique (for example, but not limited to the use of an existing European user account) to bypass this mechanic; this is considered tax fraud (tax evasion) and will be detected by Quaderno’s fraud detection algorithm;
  • 3.19.5 If you ignore 3.19.3 you agree that you’ve breached this agreement, and you agree to accept that ALL legal consequences (tax fraud) are your own responsibility since this an act of abuse of our website and/or services. You also agree to cover all expenses if these follow from your actions. We may inform local or international authorities on this issue.
  • 3.19.6 As declared by the European Union in 2014 (in article 24(d)) you can never hold us liable for the abuse of guiltypressure.com by using a VPN or any similar technique to bypass, omit, or sabotage our checkout and disable our tax compliance duties.

3.20 Digital goods / e-services compliance

  • In order for our website to comply with European laws covering digital goods, we collect two non-contradictory pieces of evidence of you that prove that you are residential in the county provided during checkout;
  • You agree to provide us one extra piece of evidence that proves that you live at the address you provided at checkout if we ask for this. Important note: we only ask for it if evidence is conflicting or incomplete. For example: utility bills (electric, gas, internet), country code of your SIM/landline country code or bank statement. 

4. Disclaimer of use of our content as ‘porn’.

We choose to quote ‘porn’, because it does not describe our video content precisely as in a typical way. However, it [the video content] MAY be used by our clients, viewers and followers in the same way as regular porn.

4.1 You agree that by purchasing and watching our video content as porn (or in any similar way), you are fully responsible for any moderation. You agree that we are NEVER responsible for ANY addiction to ANY of our services including purchasing video content.

4.2 By purchasing and making use of our services in ANY possible way, you agree that we are not responsible for any immaterial or material damage to your physical health, your mental health, personal/social/romantic relations or personal belongings.

5. Considerations regarding minors

5.1 You are ONLY allowed to enter and use guiltypressure.com (by using, we mean: purchasing ALL types of thinkable products or services from our website) if you are 18 year or older (depending on your jurisdiction – in some jurisdictions you need to be 21!). You also warrant (by entering our website) that you have the legal capacity to enter these terms and conditions. It is possible that we ask you to provide us proof that you have reached the age of majority in your jurisdiction: eighteen(18)  or twenty-one (21) prior to using our site or services. 

5.2 We disclaim the responsibility for conceivable misinterpretations regarding a user his/her age.

5.3 You agree and warrant:

  • 5.3.1 That you will not in any possible way allow a minor to enter guiltypressure.com.
  • 5.3.2 That, if you have minors for whom you are responsible, cannot enter the website by implementing parental control protections like hard- and software (or filters in browsers) that prevent minors from entering. Again, we are not responsible for this soft- and hardware and their safe functionality/use.  
  • 5.3.3 That you keep your downloaded material AND our website away from minors at all cost
  • 5.3.4 That you (if you are a parent/guardian) are fully responsible for keep any erotic material in any possible way away from your children.

5.4 Video content can contain items (inflatable toys) that may be designed for minors/children, but only models of 18 (eighteen) years of age or older are depicted in the videos having interaction with those items.

5.5 The models depicted in the videos are 18 (eighteen) years or older during the shoots (date of production) and personal records are stored on an external hard disc, servers and hard copy documents only accessible by us. Personal records means identity cards with birth dates confirming the majority. Plus, the original .mts-files on the SD card in the hand cam (video camera) saves the date of shooting. The date of shooting is also incorporated in the trailer file name (.MP4) and the full video name (.MP4). This is all incompliance with section 18 – 2257; record keeping of all persons depicted in the videos.

5.6 You acknowledge and agree that NEVER underage models appear in any of our videos.

5.7 WE HAVE A ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY REGARDING ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH PEDOPHILY AND/OR PEDOPHILIC REQUESTS, QUESTIONS, PREFERENCES OR ANY RELATED ACTIVITY. We will immediately inform local authorities and you are banned from our website, services, products. You agree that you (or someone for you) will cease using our website.

5.8 You must immediately exit our website if you are seeking any form of child pornography. Also, you agree to cease using our services immediately upon doing so. WE DO NOT PROVIDE THIS KIND OF MATERIAL AND WE HAVE A ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY REGARDING THIS KIND OF CUSTOMERS, VISITORS AND/OR PERSONS.

5.9 You agree and acknowledge that we’re cooperating with organizations and actively cooperate with local authorities that fight or investigate child exploitation (e.g. child pornography). You agree that you will inform http://www.asacp.org/ as soon as you see anything suspicious, unlawful activities involving minors on other websites.

6. (Digital) Correspondence and alias/artist nicknames agreement

6.1 You agree that you are fully responsible for communicate with us by using this and only this e-mailadress: [email protected]

  • 6.1.1 You agree that we reserve the right NOT to be obliged sending you a reply (via any channel, this includes but is not limited to youtube.com, vk.com, loonertube.com, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, etc.) since guiltypressure.com is a side project aside from full-time jobs of our team members.
  • 6.1.2 You agree that you will be decent in you communicating with us; if you are offensive, aggressive, threatening, vulgar, defamatory or impolite we reserve the right to ban you from our services. You agree that we may not send you a reply if you breach 6.1.2.
  • 6.1.3 ANY kind of communication with us (including via third party websites –YouTube, Vk.com, Loonertube.com- or communication applications like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger) may contain details about ideas that are protected by copyright. All provisions of section 7 apply here.
  • 6.1.4 You agree that in case we got hacked, we are NOT responsible for any of our communication towards you, visitors, models and third parties. In case this happens, you acknowledge that guiltypressure.com and her team members will do everything to let you, visitors, third parties, etc. know that we’re under a cyber-attack.
  • 6.1.5 You agree that we always communicate in English or Dutch with you and vice versa.

6.2 You agree that you are fully responsible for communicating via e-mail correspondence that might be used by hackers that use comparable e-mail addresses like ‘[email protected]’ or ‘[email protected]’ – With ANY purchase or any of our services that you make use of, you agree that you check whether the e-mail address is spelled correctly as stated in 6.1.

6.3 You agree that we at guiltypressure.com make use of aliases in order to be able doing other jobs beside this project/business. You acknowledge this measure is taken in order to protect our professional image in these other jobs besides this project/business. You agree that only the names of the project and company owner (David Flem) and the initials and last name of the IT-professional are provided.

6.4 Unless forced by law(s), you agree that you will not publish or communicate anything in any way regarding our real names if any of our real names are known by you.

7. Website content

7.1 Our website contains content and materials owned by us. All downloaded content (including articles, blogposts, images, logos, etc.) by you, is intended for your (e.g. the customer’s) non-commercial and personal use only. Furthermore, all materials published on the website (including all articles, blogposts, images, logos, etc.) are protected by international copyright sometimes wearing the ‘©’-icon and by international rights derived from intellectual property. Some of the website’s functionalities are made possible by code of other programmers; they have copyright over their code.

7.2 You agree that you leave guiltypressure.com immediately if you are in any way offended by any of our content. You also agree that you immediately stop making use of any of our services if you are in any way offended by any of our materials.

7.3 You fully understand that some materials/content contain(s) graphic visual depictions of some kind of sexual (related) activity, (possible) nudity and corresponding audio with this materials.

7.4 You agree that you understand the nature of our website’s content and you stipulate that you freely (for your own personal enjoyment) visit our website and make use of our services (purchasing any type of video, prop, or product) or materials because you choose to do so, because you enjoy such content and you want to make use of our services (willingly and voluntarily).

7.5 You agree that you will NOT make use of guiltypressure.com or ANY of our services if doing so violates any law in your state, province or country. If it is illegal to make use of any of our services in your state, province or country, you agree that you are fully responsible for any consequences of you own actions.

7.6 You agree that it is not possible to get a paid subscription to our website.

7.7 You also agree that guiltypressure.com and Flem IOP-Test Development quit with this project at ANY time for whatever reason. We are NEVER obliged to ANY FUTURE continuation of this project.

7.8 You agree that we are not obliged to upload new purchasable videos or other services (see 7.6).

7.9 In accordance with section 230, you agree to take responsibility to prevent ANY minors from viewing ANY of our material on ANY possible device that you own or have near you. Again, our materials ARE NOT created by minors or meant to be viewed by minors in any way. You agree to NOT allow minors to view ANY of our content (including any text, picture, blog, video – also trailers or products like custom pillows or used inflatables that are used for sexual satisfaction occasions) or making use of ANY of our related services. You also agree to take responsibility in preventing minors (under your care) accessing our website.

7.10 You agree that you are informed by us (pursuant to 47 U.S.C. 230(d)) of possible adult filters that can be found/installed here:

7.11 Also pursuant to 47 U.S.C 230 (d), you agree that we’ve informed you about preventing minors under your care to view our website by checking and visiting the following websites regularly:

We DO NOT guarantee or represent warranty regarding any of the products or services referenced on the websites mentioned above. We recommend that, before you make use of any of the commercial services provided by the websites mentioned above (e.g. installing adult filters), you appropriately investigate those commercial services before you purchase. You agree that if you have minors under your care, you take these steps in order to prevent them from accessing guiltypressure.com. Finally, you agree that, if you have downloaded any video content or have purchased any kind of product (pillows, inflatable toys, books, etc.), you keep these contents and products away from the minors under your care at all costs!

7.12 You acknowledge and understand that we operate as a provider of an interactive computer service (webstore/web shop). We are therefore not responsible for any claims arising from third parties (see the list beginning from 7.1.1): content transmission, publication, errors, faulty checkouts.

7.13 You agree that (international) laws allows OR forces us to remove, withdraw or block any of our video content that we created. This is especially the case if any of our content is found to be offensive, defamatory, obscene, or otherwise violating our policies/laws. Nothing in this document regarding our agreement is intended to limit or alter the immunity from claims provided by section 230 of the C.D.A. (Communications Decency Act) and no third parties are intended to benefit from this agreement between you as a customer and us.

7.14 You agree that we may remove ANY content uploaded to guiltypressure.com. You agree that we may restrict user conduct if we think it is harmful in any way for anyone (in)directly involved in our business (including any third parties, like the ones mentioned above).

8. Restrictions on the use of guiltypressure.com

8.1 You agree that you use guiltypressure.com only for your own non-commercial purposes. You also agree that you use this website only in a way that is in accordance with this agreement. Without any written consent from us, you may NOT use guiltypressure.com for any other purposes.

8.2 Without our written permission, you may not:

  • 8.2.1 Exactly copy, duplicate, decompile, disassemble any part of guiltypressure.com or derived materials, including blogs, pictures, texts, logos, videos, descriptions.
  • 8.2.2 Simulate, copy, duplicate, redistribute or create derivative works based on guiltypressure.com or any of our website’s materials – by violating 8.2.2 you agree that you use guiltypressure.com in a non-fair manner.
  • 8.2.3 Use guiltypressure.com for any public performance display or related activities like public sales or other commercial settings like TV-shows or YouTube-vlog settings. By violating 8.2.3 you agree that you use guiltypressure.com in a non-fair manner.
  • 8.2.4 Modify or remove our materials or the ‘copyright’-logo in a way that you can evade (international) copyright laws IN ANY OF OUR MATERIALS OR RELATED.
  • 8.2.5 Try out security omitting software or tools on guiltypressur.com (including tools, code or encryption enabling the theft of usernames and passwords or other personal and confidential information).
  • 8.2.6 Try out software that can disrupt or damage our website partly or completely. For our white hat hacker policy (responsible disclosure policy), re-read 3.3.10.
  • 8.2.7 Distribution: Guilty Pressure video content (e.g. full length videos as .mpeg4’s) is only distributed via guiltypressure.com or other channels owned or used by Flem IOP-Test Development. Purchasing via other offline and/or online sources is prohibited. Please notify us if you run into this kind of sources by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

8.3 If you purchase from guiltypressure.com or make use of our services in any way, you agree that you do business with us in an acceptable sense. More specifically:

  • 8.3.1 You agree that you will not ask for, seek or demand materials involving minors. This will immediately result in us informing the local authorities and perpetual banning from our website.
  • 8.3.2 In addition to 8.3.1, you agree that you will not ask for, seek or demand materials that are in any sense are considered illegal or in any sense objectionable.
  • 8.3.3 You will not post comments, messages, replies, attachments, possible uploads, reactions, reviews, comments on blogs, videos (also trailers on third party websites like VK.com, loonertube.com, youtube.com or other promotion channels) or any of our products or material of ANY part of guiltypressure.com that:
    • Violates the law, is defamatory, invasive of another person’s personal life or privacy;
    • Violates this agreement in any imaginable way;
    • Is harmful, obscene, harassing, threatening, harmful to minors (who are not allowed in the first place);
    • Is considered ‘catfishing’ or impersonating another person or entity;
    • Unless the law forces you to do so, you will not provide or mention ANY; personal information that can lead to breach of privacy of this mentioned person. You agree that all of our aliases (including ALL current AND FUTURE team members of guiltypressure.com) will be respected and our privacy is warranted through your use of guiltypressure.com;
    • Is considered spamming or bulk posting, or a DDoS-attack;
    • Is considered as material of commercial nature;
    • Infringes, breaches or violates copyright, trademarks or intellectual property of ANY current and future third party, including the current and future guiltypressure.com-team);
    • Harasses, intimidates disadvantage or insult any person of another race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sex or those who are different from you;
    • Is considered a way of stalking us, one of our team members (including all current and future team members, as well as models, IT-professionals and directors). You agree that you do not use our services for the purpose of stalking or harassing us nor other people;
    • Is considered a way of you collecting other persons personal data (e.g. web surfing behavior, statistics, commercial activities) of ANY kind or evoking this;
    • Is a way to promote, evoke, enable ANY kind of illegal activity;
    • Is considered a method to use our services in order to view, transmit, interact with, or receive obscene third party materials from other users. Remember that videos purchased at guiltypressure.com cannot be swapped or traded;
    • Violates the law because of illegal drugs or substance trading or dealing or any attempt to do so via our services;
  • 8.3.4 You agree that you will stop contacting any person that you ‘digitally meet’/get in contact with on guiltypressure.com if that person requests this.
  • 8.3.5 You agree that if you violate any of the provisions mentioned above, we will take legal action. You agree that you will be responsible for ANY of the expenses made through lawsuits and/ or hired lawyers (including ALL expenses like travelling costs and the like). We may provide a warning before we undertake action. If a third party is responsible for your behavior, the claims MAY be assigned to this third party.
  • 8.3.6 Violations of acceptable use of guiltypressure.com and her services may result in high (lawsuit) expenses; you as customer and we as guiltypressure.com both agree that actual and exact expenses of prosecution cannot be provided here.
  • 8.3.7 In addition to 8.3.6. You agree that we cannot provide a lower bound or upper bound of prosecution in case of violation of acceptable use of guiltypressure.com and her services.
  • 8.3.8 Specified fees for violations:
    • You specifically agree to pay us five hundred (€500) euros if you violate one of the provisions mentioned in section eight (8) and hundred (€100) euros if you violate or breach one of the other provisions in this agreement
    • You agree that actual penalties are difficult to calculate; you acknowledge and agree that these fees are a reasonable amount for the liquidated damages.
    • You agree that if we need experts (e.g. lawyers) to collect any fees (like bank transfer fees that were deducted from the amount due on the invoice), you will pay ALL of their expenses and additional costs.

8.4 Custom Shoots: you can request a private, personalized and custom shoot starring one of our models.

  • 8.4.1 You as client with a custom request cannot play a role in the videos yourself, only the model(s) are allowed to appear in these videos.
  • 8.4.2 Procedure:
    • Please reach out for us via e-mail or use the contact form on our website with your desires. Please be as specific as you can in your script.
    • We will send you a reply within 72 hours with a pro forma/obligation free invoice.
    • Inflatables that are in our possession will remain our property unless agreed otherwise.
    • The footage is only available for you AFTER PAYMENT VIA BANK TRANSFER (unless you did not fulfill payment or in the rare event of a refund). Inflatables that you lend us for the shoot remain your property unless agreed otherwise.
    • We reserve all rights to decline or cancel a custom request.
    • The footage is only for recreational use by you, our client, as END USER (he/she who requested the custom shoot), including but not limited to all trailers and derived materials (GIFS, photos). This implies that, for all these materials, it is not allowed to distribute these materials commercially and/or in non-commercial ways. The copyright remains ours, and you’ll agree that you are the licensed end user of this footage after payment.
    • You agree that you scan all footage and video files for viruses.
    • You agree that it is you responsibility to prevent any unwanted publication of the footage collected for you as a client.
    • Custom shoots are NEVER refundable (if the file is broken, we provide you a new downloadable .mp4). In the rare event of a refund, we reserve all rights to commercially distribute the collected footage and via our website for other customers of guiltypressure.com. The footage is not your private property anymore and becomes permanently purchasable for other customers of us as well.
  • 8.4.3 Requests with AND by minors are NEVER allowed (see above) and result in an immediate perpetual ban from our website and we will inform local (and international) authorities immediately.
  • 8.4.4 After reaching an agreement and payment in advance, we’ll schedule a shoot with a model and keep you updated. We always respect her availability and personal boundaries in these requests. In case of force majeure (e.g. model deceased) and shoot gets cancelled we propose another option or refund the total amount that was paid in advance, including banking charges.
  • 8.4.5 After the shoot, we’ll create a Definitive Custom Video and present it in the shop as a ‘password protected’ video item.
  • 8.4.6 Only you receive this password and you agree that you keep this password to yourself. You receive this password via e-mail.
  • 8.4.7 After you downloaded the file, the video will be taken off the website since it was only purchasable for you.
  • 8.4.8 If you have any troubles with the file we can (only if requested!) establish a new download link for you so you can re-download your custom video.
  • 8.4.9 Since it is a private shoot for you, this is more expensive than our regular videos. Prices include 21% VAT.
  • 8.4.10 In the event we do not receive any information regarding your scripts within 10 days, we are forced cancel your order since the customization of the video is based on your personalideas and wishes (that is, we could improvise as much as we like, but the video will suite your wishes probably).

9. Guiltypressure.com’s Warranty Disclaimer

9.1 You agree that if you use our website (guiltypressure.com), any material from/on it and anything that is purchased or related (like downloads, products, props, any imaginable purchased product or service) is at your own risk.

9.2 You agree that you are solely responsible for any data loss or ANY kind of damage to your computer when or after using guiltypressure.com. You acknowledge and agree that we do everything to provide files that won’t harm any of your devices (free of viruses and the like). However, cyber-attacks directed at our website and its functionality may result in you downloading, transmitting or getting exposed to malicious files; again, you agree that you visit our website at your own risk and this is one of them. In order to prevent any damage to your systems, devices and computers, you expressly agree to:

  • 9.2.1 Check if the file is a video file (.mts or .mp4 or .wmv), it should NEVER be a .exe (dot exe) file;
  • 9.2.2 Check and scan your downloaded file;
  • 9.2.3 Inform us immediately upon noticing ANYTHING that is not regular (see above and earlier provisions in this agreement).

9.4 We are never liable for guiltypressure.com’s (and all materials therein) interruptions, errors, security and you agree that we are NEVER responsible if those issues raise, appear or pop up. We modify and update the website regularly, we disclaim ANY warranty regarding  functionality after modifications. YOU AGREE THAT EVERY SINGLE ITEM IS FOR DISPLAY ONLY.

9.5 We make NO single warranty regarding guiltypressure.com’s (and all materials contained by it, or any of our services) quality, truth, accuracy, usefulness or possible completeness for users.

9.10 We DO NOT guarantee that our purchasable items (video content, props, pillows, custom items, etc.) will be delivered to you if such failure is due circumstances beyond our control, e.g. in case of unauthorized use of guiltypressure.com or problems with shipping (like shipping to unstable or unreachable areas or countries). We care about our products and logically do our best to deliver them to you in the promised ‘as-is’ condition. However, it sometimes happens that an order breaks during transport or that something else happens so that you can claim the warranty. From a legal point of view, you are obliged to report this to us within two months of the discovery of the defect. If the defect falls within the warranty, we will arrange for a refund free of charge.

9.11 We disclaim warranty regarding any of our purchasable items, purchased at or on guiltypressure.com; see our return, refund and complaint handling policy.

9.12 None of our warranties/guarantees extent to visitors, third parties or external organisations or persons. The only warranties we provide are the warranties in this agreement or those warranties provided through operation by law.

10 Guiltypressure.com’s disclaimer and indemnification policy

10.1 In case we determine that you have used guiltypressure.com’s services, products, or any of our materials to violate any (international) law, we immediately put you on a blacklist of users banned from guiltypressure.com.

  • 10.1.1 This is also true if you provide billing information that is incorrect, not recent, not true, or stolen (catfished). We’ll explain the legal importance of providing us with the correct billing information: we need to calculate and pay a percentage of tax on every digital sale based on every single country (Europe) and State (USA) – guiltypressure.com should always be able to prove that customers ordered from a certain country or state in order to pay tax to the rightful state or government. You agree to indemnify us from all legal/fiscal consequences if you do not provide us correct, true, recent, legally correct billing information.

10.2 You agree that we have every right to ask support from local authorities if we determine that you violated any law through the use of guiltypressure.com’s services, products or any of our materials.

10.3 You expressly agree that we are NOT responsible for damages as a consequence of violating any (international) law.

10.4 You agree that, should you violate any law, you hold us harmless from any responsibility.

10.5 If a third party gets harmed in any possible way as a result of your use of guiltypressure.com or any of our purchasable products, materials, props, pillows or content, you agree that we are NEVER responsible and disclaim any liability for any of this harm.

10.6 You agree and acknowledge that third parties MAY find guiltypressure.com offensive, disturbing or questionable because of the deviance of balloon fetishism. You agree to hold us harmless from any liability if a third party gets offended, disturbed, or questions our business with video content of female models having some kind of interaction with inflatable objects of any kind.

10.7 You also hold us harmless from any liability if you find our website offensive, disturbing or questionable because of the deviance of balloon fetishism and you agree cease using guiltypressure.com in any way.

10.8 You agree to hold us (Guilty Pressure Project, Flem IOP-Test Development, D. Flem aka Gray Valkery) our partners, suppliers, colleagues and IT-partners and our contracted models harmless from liability for damages resulting from your or any related third party or person that has used, misused or was unable to use guiltypressure.com (that is, it should be used as an amusement website for recreational balloon fetishism or interested visitor-like use only! Exceptions: Quality Mark Auditors, security auditors, authorities). If you breach this agreement we reserve the rights, now and in the future to cooperate with local authorities and lawyers.

10.9 You agree that guiltypressure.com and all of her services (purchasable video content, props, pillows, etc.), including mail correspondence, blog posts and our social media channels (YouTube, VK and loonertube.com) is for amusement and recreational use/enjoyment only. You agree to hold us harmless from liability as a consequence of privacy invasion, defamation, related torts of other users, customers, clients of guiltypressure.com

10.10 You agree that we do NOT check users and/or visitors and their background IN ADVANCE before they purchase any product, prop, video file, pillow or related service or product of guiltypressure.com or use our website in any kind of way.

10.11 You agree to release AND discharge US and ALL that is RELATED TO US (third party plugin developers, models, mother company Flem IOP-Test Development, IT-professionals, suppliers of inflatables) from all claims, blames, charges, actions in any way while:

  • 10.11.1 Using guiltypressure.com in any way, now AND in the future – you specifically agree that we are NOT responsible for the conduct in any way of other users of guiltypressure.com
  • 10.11.2 Using one of the purchased props in any way, now AND in the future
  • 10.11.3 Using any of our services or products purchased directly or indirectly via guiltypressure.com

But not limited to claims regarding:

  • 10.11.4 Discrimination or putting users, visitors or others in emotional distress intentionally
  • 10.11.5 Sexual harassment or (gross) negligence in customer complain policies or related
  • 10.11.6 Intentional breaching of business contracts or vilification
  • 10.11.7 Wrongful acts committed by other users, other individuals met through guiltypressure.com
  • 10.11.8 Violation of the right of privacy
  • 10.11.9 Breaching any rights related to intellectual property (piracy related violations)
  • 10.11.10 Reckless behavior, wrongful acts of other users met through guiltypressure.com like: financial fraud, stalking, theft, rape, cheating, murder, etc.

10.12 You agree that the list above is only intended to give an illustration of claims; it is not exhaustive of all kind of claims. You and we agree that this list is a full discharge of claims and this provision is legally binding. Nothing contained in this section is meant to limit the scope of releases. It also is not intended to limit the indemnification expressed or mentioned in any part of this agreement.

11. Disclaimer and Warning on the Purchased (used) Balloons, Props & Inflatable Pillow Use

11.1 You agree that the scenes and acts captured in guiltypressure.com’s videos are for entertainment and recreational use only and you agree that if you try to do similar activities at home it is at your sole own risk. You agree that we are NEVER liable for you simulating, replicating (for your own use or in any other conceivable context) and or repeating scenes you have seen in guiltypressure.com’s videos and the potential damage to you (physically or mentally) or any of your belongings.

11.2 You agree that our inflatables or balloons that we use may be different (reinforced, modified, custom made) from your own balloons and inflatables. You agree that we are NEVER responsible for ANY consequences when you are trying to (re)create any of the inflatables, props or used objects that we use at guiltypressure.com. You agree that trying this despite of this warning is at YOUR OWN RISK.

11.3 You agree that we are never responsible for any damage to your belongings and/or your physical and mental condition if you use one of the used balloons, props or pillows (in any conceivable way) purchased directly or indirectly via/at guiltypressure.com.

11.4 Even if we indirectly or directly state, explain or claim that: (a) our balloons, inflatables and more specifically our pillows are stronger than average inflatables like toys, furniture, objects (b) ) our balloons, inflatables and more specifically our pillows are extremely reinforced and durable (c) ) our balloons, inflatables and more specifically our pillows endure more ‘fetish related activity’ – like bouncing on, jumping on, rubbing or take more pressure (BAR), you agree that:

  • 11.4.1 Guiltypressure.com crew uses these balloons, inflatables and pillows in professional photo and film shoot context, which may be different from you own use of these items.
  • 11.4.2 If you purchased a balloon, an inflatable or a pillow via guiltypressure.com (or via another reseller), you only inflate it to max. 0.01 bar and you agree to follow up our instructions that comes with it. NEVER OVER-INFLATE ANY INFLATABLE PRODUCT.
  • 11.4.3 You agree that  you will use the purchased balloons, inflatables and more specifically our pillows via guiltypressure.com YOU USE THESE ITEMS ON YOU SOLE AND OWN RISK! You especially agree that, you use it for DISPLAY ONLY, NEVER USE IT AS A LIFE SAVING DEVICE. You agree you ALWAYS treat and handle these pillows CAREFULLY.
  • 11.4.4 You agree that pillows are explicitly NOT designed to: jump on (e.g. as a blob), use to prevent drowning, use for filling up empty spaces in trailers or trucks, use as life saving device or prevent drowning, used a child’s toy (this item can be purchased by ADULTS ONLY!), use as a pool toy, use as a weapon, use in windy areas outdoors (use the pillow only in a spacious indoor spaces).
  • 11.4.5 You agree that you use any of your purchased inflatables from guiltypressure.com if you are 70 kg or less of body weight in total.
  • 11.4.6 You agree that you will not use a compressor or electric pump to inflate any prop or pillow. Doing so is at your sole own risk!
  • 11.4.7 You agree that you will keep any prop or pillow away from sharp objects to prevent damage.
  • 11.4.8 You agree to keep any prop or pillow away from any conceivable heat sources like fire, fire places, heating systems, hot or boiling water, steam, cigarettes or any kind of chemicals.
  • 11.4.9 You agree that the prop or pillow NEVER may be connected to ANY kind of vehicle.
  • 11.4.10 You agree that you use only PH-neutral cleaning material (shampoo) or only water to clean your purchased inflatables. You agree that using anything else is at your own risk.
  • 11.4.11 You agree that used Props and pillows may always have some small leaks that should be fixed with a patch (sample) of the same (or comparable) material using vinyl/PVC glue. Only apply patches of similar PVC at room temperature, in deflated condition. Glue should dry at room temperature for 24hours before inflating it again.
  • 11.4.12 You agree that you follow up ALL of these instructions ALL the time to prevent serious injury, paralysis, drowning or other damages to you or your belongings. You agree that the use of any prop or pillow is at you sole own risk.
  • 11.4.13 You agree that you have read our other policies (Privacy & Cookie Policy AND Return, Refund & complaint handling) as well, BEFORE buying any (used) inflatables from guiltypressure.com.

11.5 You expressly agree that we are NEVER responsible for any our performance claims with regard to the (used) inflatables from guiltypressure.com.

11.6 You agree that 11.4 (including all sub provisions) through 11.5 are in force for ANY of the props or balloons we offer at guiltypressure.com or other handcrafted inflatable objects we offer at guiltypressure.com.

11.7 You agree that breaching section 11 and all of its provisions, means that you use the pillow in a way that is at your OWN RISK. You agree that we are NEVER responsible for you using the props and pillows in another way than stated in provision 11. You finally agree that we are NEVER responsible for your actions and consequences of using the pillow in dangerous ways.

11.8 You agree that any of our (used) inflatables are for ADULTS ONLY! Minors are NOT allowed to purchase one because of the adult, fetish/sexual context of guiltypressure.com.

11.9 Minors (below eighteen (18) years of age) that still manage to purchase an inflatable and/ or balloon via guiltypressure.com or via someone else who sold it to them – you agree that you breached this whole agreement and you agree that you are solely responsible for any consequences. Also see other provisions that provide information regarding breaching this agreement and their consequences.

11.10 If any of the (used) balloons and inflatables from our videos that you purchased via guiltypressure.com have instructions displayed on them and/or that have safety guidelines that originally  came with these products, you agree to follow them up and you agree that you use the balloon/ inflatable in ways as instructed by the manufacturer.

11.11 Bags and/or other packing materials are NOT a toy, keep those away from children.

11.12 You specifically agree that any balloon, prop or pillow purchased directly OR indirectly is for PERSONAL, NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY!

  • 11.12.1 You agree to be the END-USER of the purchased item.
  • 11.12.2 You agree that, without our written permission, using ANY of our used balloons, props, or pillows in any commercial context, you will pay us €5000 for each resell as liquidated damages to guiltypressure.com. You also agree that filing against us leads to expenses for which YOU agree to pay. 

11.13 General safety instructions for (used) balloons, inflatables and pillows that you can purchase at guiltypressure.com:

  • 11.13.1 Please follow these instructions to avoid drowning, paralysis or other serious injury.
  • 11.13.2 Never dive into a balloon, inflatable and/or pillow
  • 11.13.3 Never inflate a balloon, inflatable and/or pillow when cold (the item is brittle, inflexible and should be unfolded completely and inflated at room temperature). Stretch the balloon a few times before inflating.
  • 11.13.4 Never use high pressure equipment for inflation (inflate with foot pump or hand pump; WARNING: inflation by mouth can cause fatigue and drowsiness).
  • 11.13.5 Never use any balloon, inflatable and pillow in open water and the item shall be used by one person at the time.
  • 11.13.6 Do not try to remove all wrinkles
  • 11.13.7 Outdoor usage: Prevent the balloon, inflatable and/or pillow from getting exposed to sunlight – this prevents deformations, seam splits, decoloring.
  • 11.13.8 Storage: fold only if the inflatable is deflated, clean and dry. Prevent sharp bents when folding. Store in a dry place that is at room temperature and away from sunlight.

12 Guiltypressure.com’s copyright and intellectual property provisions

12.1 If the copyright owner of the project (Guilty Pressure Project) and/or Flem IOP-Test Development decide to or are forced to quit the project (or: the mother company Flem IOP-Test Developmen) it immediately stop. You agree expressly to 12.1 and all of the implications of this provision: no more new trailers to VK.com, YouTube.com and/or Loonertube.com, no updates on offered props, used inflatables or pillows or any other service at all. NEVER TRANSFER MONEY TO US IF YOU HAVE NO CONFIRMATION OF SHIPPING. NEVER TRANSFER MONEY TO US IF OUR WEBSITE IS NOT ONLINE ANYMORE OR OUR IT-SPECIALIST HAS POSTED ON OUR WEBSITE THAT WE ARE OUT OF BUSINESS.

12.2 guiltypressure.com and Flem IOP-Test Development are both protected by copyright, owned by David Flem (a.k.a Gray Valkery). Any slogan(s), words, brands or logos with or without TM behind them, are qualified by us as our own marks.

12.3 Banners or other ads of other companies (or companies mentioned at all at guiltypressure.com) related or unrelated to us have their own company names, identities and logos. You agree that these companies, their logos, slogans is/are their intellectual property/properties and may not be publicly used without any written consent of these copyright owners.

12.4 guiltypressure.com belongs to Flem IOP-Test Development and is owned by David Flem, a.k.a Gray Valkery. We own the rights or purchased the rights to display any text, files, logos, pictures, downloadable content, video content, etc. you find on guiltypressure.com. You may NEVER (commercially) use ANY of our content – text, files, logos, pictures, downloadable content, video content, etc. – without our WRITTEN PERMISSION. Sharing or promoting trailers and previews (found on YouTube.com, VK.com or loonertube.com) ONLY is permitted:

  • 12.4.1 As long as you do not breach any third party agreements by promoting it;
  • 12.4.2 As long as you do not violate any laws or regulations in your country or community by promoting it;
  • 12.4.3 As long as you do not violate any copyright by promoting it;
  • 12.4.4 As long as you keep the trailer or preview true to the original: you are obliged to keep the guiltypressure.com logo intact in EVERY SINGLE SHARED OR PROMOTED TRAILER/PREVIEW;
  • 12.4.6 As long as you send us an e-mail in advance with detailed information of your promotional actions (websites you want to promote on);
  • 12.4.7 As long as the trailer / previews CAN AND ARE ALLOWED to be ‘embedded’ on the targeted websites;
  • 12.4.8 As long as you disclaim us from any liability: you agree that we are NEVER responsible for your promotional actions of our trailers / previews;
  • 12.4.9 As long as you agree to every provision of the whole guiltypressure.com-agreement;
  • 12.4.10 As long as we give you OUR WRITTEN permission to promote it;
  • 12.4.11 As long as you do not use it to spam, overload servers, crash, hack or share it in illegal ways.

12.5 Full length purchased videos may NEVER be shared, promoted in full length because this implies it has been copied, distributed, uploaded, traded, stored, multiplied, publicly made accessible ILLEGALLY and is considered PIRACY. Full length purchased video content is for non-commercial, personal use ONLY!

12.6 We aggressively protect our copyrights in order to serve the niche market of people with a balloon fetish or related. Infringement of our copyright will result in prosecution!

12.7 All users, visitors, customers, third parties, etc. that visit or use the website agree and acknowledge that we respect other company’s copyright rights. All users, visitors, customers, third parties, etc agree and acknowledge that we omit publicly mentioning brand or manufacture names wherever possible. We are obliged to inform our customers about brands and manufacturers in one-on-one communication via WhatsApp, text messaging, phone or e-mail. This is based on transparency toward the customer, not our commercial interest.

13. Additional provisions regarding Guiltypressure.com’s limited liability policy

13.1 You agree that we are NEVER responsible for ANY kind of damage to you (mentally, physically or to your belongings) after or during the use of guiltypressure.com and/or ANY of our services or products, even if we are well-informed regarding high chances of emerging damages.

13.2 After receipt of your payment, you expressly agree to hold us harmless from any claims arising from damage caused by usage of your purchased item via www.guiltypressure.com. The latter includes (but is not limited to) damage to your properties and physical and/or mental health. You agree that any physical product and/or item purchased at
www.guiltypressure.com is FOR DISPLAY ONLY. You agree that you follow up all safety instructions that come with your purchase.

13.3 You agree that our maximum total aggregated damages responsibility for direct damages mentioned in 13.1 NEVER exceed the total of €7,50.

13.4 Blog post disclaimer: You agree that blogs age over time and that information may get outdated. We never claim to be experts; if you want to make sure the information is still accurate, we suggest you consult an expert.

13.5 See also other sections regarding our limited responsibility.

14. Guiltypressure.com’s complaint handling, invasive content and/or material policy

14.1 You agree that we have no liability for third party generated content like comments or suggestions on blog posts, youtube.com preview trailers or any other third party generated content.

14.2 In accordance with our policy regarding third party or user and/or visitor generated content (like comments on blog posts, comments on youtube.com-trailers and previews), we will respond respectfully to your complaints about this content if disapproved or considered as content that breaches this agreement.

14.3 If you feel damaged by other user content or guiltypressure.com’s content, in our discretion, we will try find a way to comply with any REASONABLE request as set forth in the following provisions.

  • 14.3.1 We will sometimes describe colors of inflatables or props. You agree and acknowledge that these descriptions are in NO WAY meant to discriminate against other colors that are described and/or maybe not described.

14.4 You agree that guiltypressure.com has a complaint handling procedure and facilitates your submitting your complaint via the provisions in this section.

14.5 We encourage you to notify us of complaints regarding delivery, libel, privacy, false light, piracy, publicity right by sending an email to [email protected]

14.6 Contents: You agree that we (a) inform you that we do or do not believe your complaint is justly, or (b) if we do think it is justly, we will ask you what you would like us to do with the offending material or content. In our discretion we may offer:

  • 14.6.1 To modify the offending content and/or material;
  • 14.6.2 To completely delete the offending content and/or material;
  • 14.6.3 To give you an opportunity to disproof the content and/or material;
  • 14.6.4 To help you seek other resolutions in appeasing your damaged legal interest (whether we are or are not legally required to do so);
  • 14.6.5 To inform you or to inform you partly about the identity of the culprit if we have any information available and in case the content and/or material was posted by other users or visitors – you agree, however, that we are NEVER OBLIGED to do this.

14.6 You agree that neither party will file suit before WE have informed you about our final action, after our discussion about your concern.

14.7 You agree that if you accept any of our offers as a resolution to your concerns of the, in your perception, offending materials or content of any kind, you will NOT take any legal actions (i.e. you waive all claims against us). If you do, you agree that ALL expenses and costs you will bear for – regardless of the outcome of your actions against us. You finally agree that your maximum liquidated damages will be €2,50 (two euros and fifty cents) and no more; you agree that this amount is sufficient.

14.8 You agree that we are never obliged to go beyond those things required by law, based on this agreement. Unreasonable requests will end up in termination of discussions with us and we reserve every right to do so. You agree to pay for recovering fees for any legal action (involving lawyers) as a consequence of unreasonable or harassing requests. We reserve the right not to be obliged to undertake any specific action.

15. Copyright infringement policies

15.1 Guilty Pressure Project, guiltypressure.com as a project of Flem IOP-Test Development respects the intellectual property rights of others and other companies. We always work in compliance with Dutch and international copyright laws (like set forth in 17 U.S. section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and laws and rights related to patent. If you are convinced that your work has been stolen and you are convinced that copyright infringement is constituted or you’re convinced that your intellectual property rights have been violated, please inform us via [email protected] and provide us the following information:

  • 15.1.1 Screenshots, pictures and description (some proof) of your copyrighted work that you claim to be infringed. A correct date of creation by you and proof that it is YOUR work should be included.
  • 15.1.2 Signature of the copyright owner or someone who is authorized to sign on behalf of the copyright owner.
  • 15.1.3 Your address, phone number and e-mail address.
  • 15.1.4 An official statement in which you explain why the use is not authorized and why your intellectual property rights have been violated.
  • 15.1.5 An official statement in which you explain that the information provided in 15.1.1 through 15.1.5 is accurate and that you can proof that YOU ARE the copyright owner.
  • 15.1.6 If you happen to come across OUR material, OUR concepts or ANY OF OUR work on other websites than our trailers and previews on guiltypressure.com, youtube.com, vk.com or loonertube.com, please send us an e-mail with the same information as stated above (15.1.1-15.1.5).

16. Takedown procedures in accordance with 17 US section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

We do not claim that we are the first balloon fetish website that claims to take the fetish to the next level. However, guiltypressure.com and the Guilty Pressure Project always was an idea to compete with the current existing shops that roughly do the same. We only have the AMBITION to take the fetish to the next level. Still, we are the first with this name (Guilty Pressure) and it is OWNED by David Flem and Flem IOP-Test Development it as protected by copyright.

It is possible that there might be infringement on copyright (e.g. a user posts a comment with a copyright protected image).

16.1 After we receive a copyright infringement notification, we will take the following steps:

  • 16.1.1 If there is content / material on guiltypressure.com that can be reached by all users, but infringes copyright of another person or company, we deny all access to that part after receipt of the infringement notification. We also reserve the right to completely remove the copyright infringing parts, contents or materials.
  • 16.1.2 We reserve the right to terminate user accounts that infringe the copyrights of other users or other companies. We will remove all access to material that infringes copyright inaccordance with17 US section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
  • 16.1.3 We shall try and take reasonable steps to help the complaining party (which sent us the notification of copyright infringement) with notice requirements mentioned in section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
  • 16.1.4 The process:
    • First we check the validity of the notice (see provisions in 15);
    • Second, infringing content will be removed or access to it will be disabled;
    • Third, the infringing user will be notified by us about the content;
    • Misidentification of the material will be taken seriously. After the notification to the affected user, he or she can send a counter-notification with a true statement that the content did not infringe copyright and why;
    • Within 20 (twenty) business days we put the content/materials back online unless the complaining party will file court action against the infringement;
    • At all times, we reserve the right to modify the policy of all sections, in particular this section. Alteration and additions included;

17 Procedure of counter-notification in Digital Millennium Copyright Act

17.1 It is possible that the removal was unfairly or erroneous /or we perceive the copyright infringement notification as false. In this case we deliver a counter-notification in accordance with 512(g) (2) and (3) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The information in the counter-notification will be true, accurate and recent.

User generated content (e.g. comments, pictures, even spam, etc.) that has been erroneously or unfairly removed because of the procedure mentioned in 16 (above) MAY be reversed if the recipient sends us a counter-notification:

  • 17.1.1 Make sure the information in the counter-notification is correct, true and accurate.
  • 17.1.2 Send us an accurate description of the materials that were removed or blocked from (public) access.
  • 17.1.3 Send us an accurate description where these user generated content or materials could been found before the removal or blockade (include a URL).
  • 17.1.4 Provide the counter-notification with an explanation why you think the removal or blockade was erroneous and should be undone.
  • 17.1.5 Include your physical address, phone number, e-mail address. You agree that we only use this to deal with the counter-notification.
  • 17.1.6 Send the counter-notification to [email protected]

17.2 We will investigate the counter-notification and the information within it. We will come back at you within 10(ten) business days. You agree that due to the nature of this project there may be delay in the response. If you do not hear from us within 10 business days, try sending us a text (SMS) or WhatsApp message via the phone number on our homepage (displayed at the bottom).

17.3. We always reserve the right to change or modify this provision. Always check for updates in this agreement BEFORE you make use of our services and products.

18. Third party URL/links from and to guiltypressure.com

18.1 There may be links to other websites from and to guiltypressure.com that are external (owned by third party organizations and affiliates). You agree that we have zero control or influence over/on third party websites and their actions. Especially: YouTube, Google, WordPress, VK, Loonertube.

18.2 You agree that we have no liability for ANY of the activities (advertising, content, materials, etc.) of third party websites. You also agree that we are NEVER obliged to screen those third party websites beforehand.

18.3 You agree the we are never responsible for any damage to you or your belongings when you use or click on a linked URL (a link from or to guiltypressure.com). Clicking on ANY link is at your OWN risk, plus, you have to agree to the terms of service of that particular third party website.

18.4 You agree that the Terms & Conditions of guiltypressure.com that you read right now are only applicable for guiltypressure.com and NOT for any third party website. We may refer to other agreements applicable to other websites but that is for reference and for reference purposes ONLY.

18.5 URLs that lead or link to other websites (external websites or websites that are also OWNED by FLEM IOP-Test Development) are for user, customer or visitor convenience and do not constitute endorsement by us.

18.6 You agree that we deserve the right to terminate any external URL or linking system or any related links to external websites.

18.7 You agree that you always hold us harmless from any conceivable trouble (like viruses) or any and all kinds of damages as a consequence of clicking on any links or downloading files from other websites that guiltypressure.com links to.

19. International regulations regarding export to other countries

19.1 You understand that export of parts of software and products (used balloons, used props and (used) pillows) as provided by guiltypressure.com are sometimes regulated by Dutch chamber of commerce, Dutch laws or international regulations regarding export. Materials and software parts diversions that are contrary to Dutch OR international laws/regulations are forbidden by law.

19.2 You agree that you will NEVER participate in diversions mentioned above or violate any laws or regulations regarding to guiltypressure.com’s export to other countries.

19.3 We are NEVER obliged to ship or export worldwide. If purchasing ANY kind of service or product, directly or indirectly from guiltypressure.com is prohibited in your country, you will abide that law. Violation of these provisions mentioned here and additional laws in your country is NEVER our responsibility.

19.4 You guarantee that you will NEVER licence or permit anyone or any third party that is NOT APPROVED to receive our products, services of any kind – you will abide the laws that regulate this.

19.5 You agree to NEVER use any of our materials to violate any export related law. That is, none of the services or materials should be purchased to be shipped, re-exported, transferred indirectly or directly to countries or nationals to violate (export related) laws.

20. Limited relationship between you and guiltypressure.com and third parties and guiltypressure.com

20.1 Nothing in these separate sections or the agreement as a whole provides, implies, gives right to a formal business relationship, joint ventures or employment of any kind. You agree that you are only end-user of the products offered by guiltypressure.com as a side project of Flem IOP-Test Development.

20.2 Plugin-offering third parties (developers, web developers, organisations) used by guiltypressure.com as a WordPress© website also cannot claim any right for formal business relationships, joint ventures or employment of any kind.

21. Notification

21.1 Notification required to be given under these terms and conditions by guiltypressure.com to you may be provided by email (and e-mail only) to an e-mailaddress that is actively used by the party to be notified.

21.2 Notification from customers to guiltypressure.com can be done via e-mail ([email protected])

21.3 Address to which notice is to be sent may be changed by either you or guiltypressure.com (written toward the other party), in accordance with this agreement.

21.4 The notification is effective upon receipt.

21.5 Notification that has been correctly addressed but refused, unclaimed or undeliverable by the e-mail server or messenger is effective on the day it was refused, unclaimed or deemed undeliverable.

22. Communications that are private and communications that are not private

22.1 Posting comments publicly on guiltypressure.com can be read (virtually) by ANYONE who is older than 18 or 21 years of age – that is, they are accessible and readable by the general public.

22.2 Messages send to us per mail are private and not accessible and readable by the general public. Private mails to us can be made accessible to models, IT-professionals or lawyers in case of a dispute or violation of law!

22.3 You agree that you are solely responsible for sending us a message via a comment on blog posts or other comments that was actually intended for the project owners (private message) of guiltypressure.com only and not the general public.

22.4 All messages (including mail) will be read by project owner Gray Valkery (D. Flem), all publicly accessible messages will be read by Gray Valkery (D.Flem), in some cases models and IT-professionals and in extreme cases by lawyers.

23. Force Majeure Policy

23.1 If guiltypressure.com or Flem IOP-Test Development fails to perform as a consequence of unforeseen circumstances, it is NOT our responsibility. The same goes for causes beyond our reasonable control:

  • 23.1.1 Fire, flood, earthquakes, hurricanes, tropical storms or other natural disasters;
  • 23.1.2 Riot, war, coups, acts of military authority, arson, terrorism, strikes, fiber cuts, arson, shortages in: transportations, fuel, internet, labor, energy, data, materials, or: other failures of communication or information infrastructures, SPAM, hacking, failure of computer systems or their backups both off and online, servers, software, third party failures.

24. Broadly applicable provisions

24.1 This agreement shall be governed by the laws of The Netherlands, including all that is relating to this agreement or matters arising from it. All litigation written down in this agreement shall be brought to court and will be litigated in The Netherlands, Europe.

24.2 All parties to this agreement agree that all litigations arising from this agreement shall be litigated exclusively in Dutch courts located only in The Netherlands.

24.3 The parties agree to exclusive jurisdiction (only) in The Netherlands, Europe.

24.4 The parties agree to exclusive venue only in The Netherlands, Europe.

24.5 The parties agree that this choice of venue is mandatory.

24.6 The parties waive any right to object to venue with respect to any litigation with respect to this agreement.

24.7 All parties stipulate that courts located in The Netherlands, Europe shall have jurisdiction over them for the goal of any litigation permitted under these terms and conditions that is not otherwise subject to the arbitration section of these terms and conditions.

24.8 Final judgment against any of the parties in any action will be conclusive. The conclusive judgment may be enforced in other jurisdictions provided by law if such enforcement becomes necessary.

24.9 All parties acknowledge that resolutions based on law may be inadequate to give an aggrieved party with full compensation in the event of one of the parties breaches these terms and conditions. An aggrieved party shall under this agreement entitled to seek injunctive relief. Plus, seeking all other resolutions available at law or inequity.

25. Arbitration

Dispute between the parties arising from (or related to) this agreement, the parties shall meet via video conference in good faith to solve the dispute. Sometimes parties are unable to resolve the dispute during these video conference or real meetings, then except as otherwise provided herein, either party must submit the issue to binding arbitration with a single certified arbiter in e-commerce that joins the video conference or real meeting. Arbitral claims amongst these claims, but not limited to: contract and/or tort claims, all claims based on international law, local law, regulation, statute except for claims by guiltypressure.com under applicable worker’s law, unemployment insurance claims, garnishment, actions for injunctions, attachment, copyright claims or other equitable relief.

25.1 Hired arbitrators will never have authority award punitive damages or add any other parties, vary, modify or ignore the provisions in these terms and conditions. Arbiters shall be bound by applicable law(s).

25.2 Arbitrator renders a written opinion. He sets forth all facts (material facts) and presents in written form the basis of his or her decision(s) within 30(thirty) days. He/she writes down how will the arbitration process will continue.

25.3 All parties waive the rights they may have to trial by jury (regarding to arbitral claims).

25.4 The right of arbitration shall not be waived by any of the parties. Exception: waiver is provided affirmatively and in writing by the waiving party to the other party.

25.5 Laws protecting freedom of speech, expression and associated are applicable during the binding arbitration process.

25.6 Rights and liabilities of all parties involved will bind to the benefit of their successors, assignees, executors, administrators as the case may be.

25.7 If jurisdictions or arbitrators finds that provisions (or portions of it) are unenforceable, it still will be enforced to the maximum extent that can be permitted. All of the other provisions of these terms and conditions (this agreement) will be in full force and in full effect.

25.8 The prevailing party (that commences claims or related) will be entitled to recover ANY of its reasonable attorney’s expenses / fees.

25.9 Any waiver of any provision in this agreement (by us, arbitrator, competent court jurisdiction) or is held invalid / unenforceable it will NOT affect other provisions, clause, terms or conditions.

25.10 For the convenience of reading and reference we used headings; these shall not affect any meaning, construction or effect this agreement.

25.11 This agreement is a complete agreement between parties regarding your use of guiltypressure.com and any of her services, content, materials. This agreement supersedes all versions prior to written provisions, agreements (orally or written), or understandings.

25.12 Other locations – we NEVER claim that guiltypressure.com or related third party services like vk.com, youtube.com or loonertuber.com or any related third party is appropriate to access from locations where balloon fetish or any content you want to access is or may be illegal or otherwise prohibited. If you choose to access these websites from those locations, you agree that you do this on your own initiative and you agree that this is always at your own risk. You agree that you are solely responsible for compliance with all applicable regulations and laws at all time.

26. Customer’s responsibilities in PCI DSS compliance

26.1 You acknowledge and agree that we’re taking the utmost care of your personal data and especially sensitive credit card data.

26.2 You agree that you take the following measures when fulfilling any credit card payments:

  • 26.2.1 You agree not to use a public wi-fi location or any other wireless network that is not private when completing an order;
  • 26.2.2 You agree to secure your private wireless network with a strong password, for tips please check https://www.howtogeek.com/195430/how-to-create-a-strong-password-and-remember-it/ (again, we are not responsible for any third party links and their content – the link is just for reference).
  • 26.2.3 You agree to keep passwords to yourself and never share it with any person or organisation.
  • 26.2.4 You agree to keep passwords in a secured locker or safe;
  • 26.2.5 You agree to not letting anyone watching your entering your billing details (credit card number or PIN) when you purchase any kind of digital service or product from guiltypressure.com

26.3 You acknowledge that we may ask our PSP to delete your credit card number from our databases for fraud (credit card fraud) prevention reasons.

This document was prepared by the project owner; (Local) laws are always applicable over terms and conditions in this document.