Welcome to Guilty Pressure

Dear visitors,

First of all, welcome to Guilty Pressure – a website / webshop #byloonersforlooners.

Let’s introduce ourselves and our business. My name is Gray and with my model Sheena we passionately create looner videos. Our names are aliases, but we’re a team of real people (a team? yes, there are more people involved with the same mindset and goals. More of that later!).

Some of you know us from Guilty Pressure Channel, our own little piece of YouTube that we use to present you trailer previews of full length videos that can be bought from this website when it’s finished. If you’re curious, I kindly invite you to check our channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChjnhFz4kc-4J_SeOOqfkWg

Guilty Pressure aims to express that special passion for balloons, inflatables and bags and the feature they have in common: they can or cannot take a certain amount of pressure. The latter is something that can cause a lot of “positive arousal”. I hope the target audience will recognize the theme immediately and feels welcomed here at Guilty Pressure. The website is dedicated to all of you who has this same beautiful, innocent passion for balloons and inflatables!

If you do not recognize it, don’t be discouraged to read more about this innocent but beautiful fetish. Sheena is the living proof that it can be fun for anyone, so I just wanted to say: please feel welcome everyone.

Anyway, being a bit mysterious how it actually works in combination with the pressure-arousal thing explained above, it explains our business, logo and project name.

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoy this site, our videos and for now our preview trailers on YouTube.

Kind regards,

Gray Valkery

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