Crafting a big, fat, soft, strong and bouncy inflatable pillow

A looner dream brought to life.

The search for what I had in mind

I always dreamed about having an inflatable that had the ‘feel’ of a big, soft balloon – but would still be a ‘classic’ inflatable. At a certain point I realized that the things that I had in mind, didn’t exist at all. Unfortunately.

So for years I enjoyed the inflatables of my personal collection: inflatable hearts, big beach balls (classic six panel 48 inch – got to love those!), whales, air mattresses, swim rings, you name it. But I was looking for an inflatable with the shape and size of a big GL1200 balloon. In good spirits I started Googling for huge inflatable bottles or batteries, because those came close to what I had in mind. I remember ending up closing my browser after even catching a glimpse of the extremely high prices that came with these items on eBay or Alibaba.

The passion was there, but the guilty pressure was limited…

It didn’t matter how careful I treated my stuff. It always damaged along the way. Inflatables sprung leaks or even worse: unintended pops. Not to mention that some inflatables had such stiff and thick PVC, it almost could (so to speak) be used as a lifebuoy. Small valves on big inflatables were no friends of me either. I remember days I almost passed out because of all the mouth inflating I had to do to get my stuff inflated (you see, I had no pump back in the days – and imagine the frustration discovering leaks without a pump). So, the passion was there but I couldn’t get more out of my guilty pressure due to these issues!

A looner scared of balloons

Didn’t balloons match my wishes then? They are quite tough after all. And no there mostly are no leaks (if there were you would notice immediately😉). Further, they were also available in large sizes, the latex is soft of course and inflating/deflating was less of an issue.

Still balloons were not quite what I was looking for. Don’t get me wrong, I love balloons, but I’m dead scared of them simultaneously. Besides, I wanted an inflatable that actually had the bounciness and softness of a balloon.

Arts and Crafts became Trial & Error

Inspired by the large GL 1200 from Cattex, I started to design and handcraft my own GL1200 made out of soft vinyl. But the shape was more like a pillow.

These arts and crafts resulted in many failures and some serious health issues. Crafting this kind of thing is NOT good for your health. I do not recommend to create one yourself since you’ll have to work with dangerous chemicals (you sure want to avoid serious lung diseases). Finished some samples, felt like a winner. The first pillow exploded while overinflating/testing it, with the second one I forgot to add a valve (it must’ve been the chemicals… I had one job!), the third and fourth were no better.

Finally the ”thing” kind of worked and the first large inflatable pillow was a fact. And after refinement in 2017/2018 it was finished: I had a super soft, bouncy and extremely strong inflatable pillow. My dream of having one was brought to life.

Hopefully you enjoy our video content with our girls having a good time with these pillows. And one day we hope to sell some of these pillows for those who want to take their balloon and inflatable fetish to the next level.

In the meantime, we teamed up with Shosu. The result is a much cheaper alternative to the Guilty Pillow: the PressuRoll. Not the same as a handcrafted Guilty Pillow, but cheaper and still big & fat for many beautiful bouncy moments! 🔥 Check this blog if you are not sure what to choose or Check this blog for more detailed info about the PressuRolls!

Visit the PressuRoll salespages here:

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